(25 May 2000)
©2000 by Kristi Martel

I've had this crush on you for over a year now.
I met you and that was all that I could see.
You know I don't know how you feel I,
I know your culture is to hide away in privacy.

I wish I knew the translation.
I wish I knew where to start.
But we're either courting in some old fashioned way
or I just really have not won your heart.

You know, my grammy told me she and my pépère
didn't even know what sex was when they got married.
Can you believe that?
They figured it out together.

I want something pure like that. I want something
that turns into 50 years just like theirs.
But you and me we've both been around. I mean,
everybody's been around these days.
We've both done the Drama Queen Love Life.
We've both done the hurt. We've both done the pain, and

I want real love.
I want trust and beauty and lust and honesty and support and care and real family.

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