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The Sacred Whore Demos
(c) 2009 Sealed Lip Music/ASCAP (SLR 9 - CD)
When I recorded "Ravengirl," I realized that for the first time, my previously released albums represented all the old songs I had ever intended to record. It was like I was done with the past. It was liberating and exciting to get to start writing, knowing that the songs would fit together to form the next album. These demos represent 8 of the new songs, in me-and-the-piano 1- or 2- take form, sometimes with me doing 1-take backing vocals. They are a limited edition of 300, a preview of the forthcoming album, which you can only get by donating funds to the making of said studio album, "Sacred Whore." You can donate here.

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(c) 2006 Sealed Lip Music/ASCAP (SLR 8 - CD)
Kristi Martel's former life partner, Amy Caroline "Littlebird" Nuara, died by suicide in August 2003. Although she could not write new songs for 11 months, Kristi began a list of song ideas that she knew would later become Ravengirl. She kept noticing that she still felt joy every day, in spite of the huge and traumatic loss and grief she also experienced. She noted it, she counted the blessing, and she came up with the goofy joke version that she must be some kind of superhero to still be able to experience joy. Her superhero name is Ravengirl. And the album, with its 7 tracks written before Littlebird's death and its 8 tracks written after, with its Yamaha grand piano, Hammond B3 organ, Rhodes keyboard, cello, 5-string fretless & upright bass, Afro Cuban & West African percussion, drums, and layered vocals, will break open your heart to feel your pain only to remind you that that is where you'll heal and find your joy. Kristi composed, arranged and produced the whole album, and she performed all the piano, keyboard, and vocal work. Ravengirl is 15 tracks of beauty and power and healing. It's soulful, polyrhythmic, danceable, haunting, delightful, expansive... It's avant soul. It's alternative rock. It's acoustic explosive gorgeous music. You need it. (See the Bay Windows interview, the Providence Phoenix review, and the Providence Journal recommendation) $15

Quaint & Curious Ravendemos
(c) 2005 Sealed Lip Music/ASCAP (SLR 7 - CD)
I've been finding joy in overcoming pain and writing about it. My friend Kevin wanted to produce these homemade recordings as a demo for my next album. We had SO much fun making these demos. I've gotta think you'll have as much fun listening. You could only get this CD by pre-ordering the studio album, Ravengirl. This one was a limited edition signed and numbered release that is now entirely SOLD OUT.
The Mule
(c) 2004 Sealed Lip Music/ASCAP (SLR6 - CD)
Ten years of raw, soulful, poetic and experimental piano and voice songwriting centering around the theme of being a carrying animal and attempting to lay the burdens down. Although Kristi's life and music partner Littlebird died by suicide just days after the July 2003 Arizona photo shoot for the album, Kristi managed to get back into the studio in NYC throughout January and February 2004 to record. It was HARD to make this album. But the long-awaited Mule seems to integrate her through-composed, performance art, and soulsinger selves into one work, and you can almost hear Littlebird on many tracks... (see the Outsight review) $15

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(c) 2003 Sealed Lip Music/ASCAP (SLR5 - CD)
This donation-only limited edition signed and numbered CD single is an immaculate recording of the heart-wrenching, soul-searching, performance art masterpiece, bound. It was Littlebird's brilliant idea to give this song its own whole entire CD. Read her account of our treacherous day in the studio, hear samples from the resultant gorgeous recording, and learn how to purchase your very own copy here.

brave enough
(c) 2001 Sealed Lip Music/ASCAP (SLR4 - CD)
Are you brave enough for this??? Yep, it's true. Kristi's first full-length cd -- 9 gorgeous tracks like the Sade-like Through That Door, a funkier version of Honor and an entirely new arrangement of Give. The cd you've heard about for months has finally been realized! Thanks to everybody who helped make it happen. Keep it happening; support independent music; buy this cd, cuz it's beautiful! (see the review) $15

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give me a little...
(c) 2000 Sealed Lip Music/ASCAP (SLR3 - CD)
This is a 4-song EP studio recording that includes the ORIGINAL version of the acclaimed, Give, aka "the brain virus," plus Rise, Comeback, and Carrying Stories! (see the PittsburghOUT review) $8. This one is SOLD OUT, but you can still download its songs:
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With Mouth and Hands
(c) 1998 Sealed Lip Music/ASCAP (SLR2 - cassette)
This is a live recording (complete with just a few digital glitches) of Kristi's piano and voice songs with Bob Boster adding live electronic effects. Includes a beautiful rendition of The Mule, the intense bound, an a cappella version of Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child, and more... Comes with a beautiful handmade lyric-filled program/booklet from the concert. Limited edition autographed copies. $12
4-track & live recordings
(c) 1996 Sealed Lip Music/ASCAP (SLR1 - cassette)
This recording was made by Kristi in her low-budget home studio, complete with the sound of cars driving by...Includes a gorgeous version of My Torn in Two, the original ensemble's live 1994 recording of the 5-voice piece, Easy, the spoken word piece tickling monologue, the hospital-visit piece, Borderlands, the ASCAP grant-winner When Outside Gets Inside Through the Skin, and many more... (see the Tunnel Magazine review) $8

SOLD OUT tapes and bootlegs of live shows are available at Kristi's Boots. The bootleg page was created by Bootleg Manager and Archivist, Lisa. If you're a collector or trader of bootlegs, or would like an introduction to the live version of Kristi Martel, visit Kristi's Boots to see what Lisa has to offer.

There are also some other things out there that Kristi is on... Bob Boster has put out his own cd of electronica (Mr. Meredies) on which her voice is heard, as well as a Live at Cultural Labrynth series of which she is heard on Volume One. Fred Frith made a sound Haiku for the project Haikus Urbains on which Kristi's voice enacts a crazy homeless woman...

and there's always more to come....

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