This space is all mine.
(18 July 2006) 2006 by Kristi Martel

The space within my ribcage holds my heart -
a cage, a shield protecting this most delicate, powerful part of me.
I fear you would have a hunger that would open its tiny door,
and once inside you'd devour this precious organ, leaving me empty.

Why is that my assumption about you?
Something in your beauty, in your attitude.
I don't know you at all.
I have known you forever.
You're inside me already.
You've been here forever.
I've held you before.

You tell me I am beautiful with your eyes.
The smile that plays upon your lips is for me.
The space between us is so charged
that I can hardly see anyone but you today.

Why am I thinking about you?
Something in your face tells me to.
I don't know you at all.
I haven't wanted a man in so long,
but I want you.
You've blessed me forever.
You've held me before.

The space between my legs is melting under your gaze.
I am burning in the sun, watching you play.
This space is all mine. One might say you have no part in it.
I made this story in my body, in my mind, watching you watch me today.

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