Happy New Year
(3 January 2002) 2002 by Kristi Martel

Happy New Year
and a phone ringing us awake
good morning
happy new year
and the phone is ringing again
'morning, love
phone's ringing
The phone is ringing again.
It was my dad calling
on our phone and my phone and even on your phone.
I call
and it's that my grampy died.
happy new year
grampy died
happy new year
My grampy is dead now.
an attack at his heart
his heart was hurting
happy new year

The last time I talked with Grampy
he was worried about World War Three.
They attacked the World Trade Center,
and I was alone in California.
he called me, worried who would take care of me
would she? the love in my morning?
He called to tell me he was worried about me-
his #1 grandchild, his #1 granddaughter.
he used to call me that
he was the only one in my family who tried to get me to eat when he noticed i had stopped while others noticed my skinny beauty
he is the one who asked what i thought and really listened for my answer
He called to let me know he was worried about what would happen to me when he left,
because he noticed that my mom and dad didn't always notice what was happening with me.
He called that day to say goodbye.
worried and knowing, an attack at the heart of our country

I wanted to see him again.
The last time i saw him was September 1998, twin towers in tact.
He cried when i was boarding my plane.
I tried to keep my shit together.
I was the strong one without tears.
He said he had thought he was never going to see me again,
and i didn't let him know just how much i wanted to see him.
strong silent angel
So i'm letting you know now, Grampy.
I'm letting you know now.

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