James Colozzi - 9.15.09 @ 7:06pm
Hi My name is James Colozzi. I just want to say hello and get to know you. I used to know Leslie Piken from the May Institute where she worked before, I was a Client there. My phone No. is 1781-439-2362. And I will talk to you soon. James Colozzi

lisa - 6.17.08 @ 10:13pm
hi, finally read the diary, cool and funny. Tammie and i just drove through NY and i said the same thing about the insects, "i can't beleive how many bugs i am killing", struck a cord reading the diary. Anyway sometime soon we have to hang out with some new cool friends to us, with "old cool friends" love you two, lisa

AleroShepehed - 3.24.08 @ 4:52pm
Cool site!

Stephanie Wilke - 10.02.07 @ 12:03am
Hi again Kristi -
Again hoping I can catch you at your next RI/MA venue & will definitely make it a point to say hello and personally congratulate you on a wonderful success!

kristi - 7.06.07 @ 10:14pm
Hey Liz! Thanks so much! Congrats on the YouTube video! I'll hope to see you at a show soon! Be Peace, Kristi

kristi - 7.06.07 @ 10:09pm
Stephanie, THANK YOU. I remember singing Summertime for Mr. St. Germain. And I do hope you re-introduce yourself to me when you get to a show. I felt so alone during high school that it really touches my heart that you were touched by my singing back then. Take really good care! - kristi

Liz Abbott - 6.19.07 @ 3:46am
Hi, Kristi! I'm finally online! I 1st heard you in Buffalo, I think in 2001! Wow! You were FANTASTIC then, & have come an amazingly long way since. I am thrilled, & proud of U. I still love yer older songs, but am loving the 1 on Neil Y's site!Can't wait 2 hear Raven. I once lived in Alaska & I loved being around the Ravens. Magical. I have a video on youtube as of late!! I'm so lo-tech, it's kinda a big deal 4 me! :) I'll send it 2U. Or you can go2 youtube & search Liz Abbott. There R 4 of them, all from my CD Release Party last May. I hope 2 hear U live again soon! Love, Liz

Stephanie (Taratuta) Wilke - 6.12.07 @ 11:16pm
Kristi - Not sure if you remember me from high school (I used to live right behind the Silvias!), but I was in Chorus with you - I was a Sr. & you were a Jr. (I believe) and Mr. St. Germain had you sing "Summertime" from Porgy & Bess solo, during class, and you BLEW ME AWAY. I was truly in awe of you & of course, jealous, because I believe I am tone deaf. Ha, ha, ha. I had never heard someone belt out a beautiful sound with what seemed little effort & filled with enjoyment. I'm very proud to say that I stood up in front of local N.S. families and sang at the same "venue" as you, and at the success that you have become. Your voice is still unbelievabably beautiful and tremendous and I wish you only THE BEST.
Hope that I am able to see an upcoming RI or MA show.

Alex - 6.10.07 @ 6:20am
Thank You

kristi - 3.04.07 @ 3:44am
I do totally remember you and your sister, Ashley! I really enjoyed teaching you! I hope you are still playing the piano and singing! You were really good at it! I'm so happy you found my website and that you've been enjoying my songs! Thanks so much for signing the guestbook! Be your best!

Ashley Brown - 2.28.07 @ 3:08am
Hey Kristi! I really hope you remember me and my sister. You used to teach us piano and voice. I bought some of your songs recently and it took me back to when you would play "Give" for me! I hope all is well! By the looks of it, things are good! Congratulations!

Noah - 2.14.07 @ 7:45pm
Hey what's up. My best friend Nina came out of the closet when she heard your story. I love your music. You're blessed with the voice of a Siren.

Leslie Piken - 2.08.07 @ 2:21am
You think because you have a "New england" accent that it gives you an excuse to have such a foul mouth? You punk ass mofo. I love your gutter mouth. :) Ravendiva- this trip to fame has been such a lovely stroll ;) Wanted to remind you how much I'm enjoying working with you!

Kim Leadford - 11.26.06 @ 2:11pm
Excuse me, ma'am...can you tell me the difference between a raven and a crow? i always get so confused.

kristi - 7.18.06 @ 8:29am
yep...sure did! Prince is my favorite! and i love house concerts. just gotta make sure there's enough room for the keyboard and maybe some of my band... :) we are soooooo happy to have you 'on board,' Leslie! wahooooooo! -kristi

leslie piken - 7.18.06 @ 1:49am
You seriously played Prince at a house concert one time? What would I have to do to get you to do a concert in my house where you'd do Prince? LOL that would kick some ass! _Leslie PS. Good to be 'on board' Kristi- always glad to help and continue/share your wonderful music

gary kettle - 6.30.06 @ 11:41pm
hi kristi...would like you to play at udderly delicious let me know when.... you rock

James - 4.11.06 @ 9:49am
Great website! Bookmarked! I am impressed at your work!

Mara - 4.10.06 @ 3:34am
I like Your site! It's very interesting!

Johana Barahona - 3.08.06 @ 11:34pm
Hey Kristi, I've been thinking about you lately and would love to know how you're doing. When are you coming back to the bay area? Anyway, keep my email so we can remain in contact. Great news, I'm finally getting back to singing and I'm sooo excited!!

Kristin & Melissa - 2.12.06 @ 9:02pm
Hey Kristi,

We had a lot of fun at your performance at the Press Room in Portsmouth, NH. It was great meeting you, aside from the fact that we love our new CD's!!!! You rock!! Can't wait to buy the new album, love Photophobia!!!!! Talk to you soon!

Kristin & Melissa

Gene Martel - 1.30.06 @ 8:15pm
Hi Kristi, I live in ND and I have son in a Band called Gypsyfoot. His name is David Martel. They write their own music and have CD on CD-Baby. They have website if you google their band name. They also are on MY Space. Nice to know their are other Martel's with musical talent. Good luck on your career.

kristi - 9.25.05 @ 5:50pm
Hi Johana! Thanks for checking in! Are you still on my mailing list? I was in CA in June. I've been on KPFA lately and had a big turnout at my show as a result. It was fabulous! I don't know when I'll be out there next, but I'm hoping sometime in the spring. love and blesses!

Johana Barahona - 9.19.05 @ 10:05pm
Kristi, I've been thinking about you a lot lately and want to know if you're coming out to the bay area anytime soon.I hope all is well. Much Luv-Johana

kristi - 7.19.05 @ 11:59am
you're welcome, zeke. yes, i did record 8 songs at the station. they will be playing them eventually...i don't know when yet...tuesday really early am...5-8 or something...if you do stay up, give Lewis a call. he'll be happy to play my songs for you! :) - kristi

ezekiel - 7.16.05 @ 9:01pm
thanks for the info. did you record songs there too or am i misunderstanding yr blog post? congrats again. is that the show thats really really early am? if so i guess i will need to stay up all nite to hear it cuz i am not an am person, smile. - zeke

kristi - 7.06.05 @ 11:22pm
hey zeke! thanks so much! it was sooooooo fun and such a huge honor to get to play 8 of my songs at kpfa's gorgeous studio on their gorgeous Yamaha grand! they treated me like a star and interviewed me and even recorded me saying things like, "Hi. My name is Kristi Martel and you're listening to KPFA." could hear that any ole time! they haven't yet told me when it will air. and i haven't heard it yet! but Lewis Sawyer, who DJs the early morning Tuesday program, will know when they will air it, once they decide. and you can always call him to request tunes. he has been playing my songs for years now! he came to the sf show june 11th too! it was fantastic to meet him!
thanks!!! be well!

zeke - 7.04.05 @ 9:41pm
hey there congrats on yr appearance on KPFA. which show was it? or which host/s would i contact to request yr tunes? congrats again-

thompson - 2.12.05 @ 7:15pm
Great Site!!

kristi - 1.24.05 @ 6:58pm
Hey Rachael! Thanks for checking out my site and signing this here guestbook. I'm glad you like the site! Hopefully it will be earlier than never that you can afford a CD! But in the meantime, you can hear clips of songs on this here site (there's a funny one of me and Kevin on the tour diary page, the frontpage has a sample from my newest cd, the bound single page has samples of my song bound...). You can also go to and hear samples from all three of my cds. You can also purchase single songs from two of my CDs at digital distribution places like AppleiTunes! and hey! there is a bootleg page (attached to my recordings page on this site), where you can trade for tapes of live shows! So there are some cheap and free ways to hear more of my music!!!

and hey Angie! Thanks for stopping by and saying HI!

hot chocolate and fire places, km

Rachael - 1.22.05 @ 1:42am
Hi! It's Rachael from Grumpy's. Just wanted to say hi, your website is really cool, and next time I can afford it (which will be the 32nd of never) I definately will check out some of your CDs... hope to see you again soon!

Angie - 12.29.04 @ 3:23pm

kristi - 11.28.04 @ 10:12am
hey theresa! thanks so much for the venue ideas. i will definitely keep that in mind for the next time i am out in kansas, which does seem to happen once a year! that's super helpful of you. i look forward to seeing you at show! blesses, km

theresa werth - 11.27.04 @ 11:59pm
hi kristi!
sorry.. its taken me so long.. the name of the bar here in town that specializes in blues is called
Road House Blues
3813 N. Broadway
wichita, ks. 67204?
I think 204 is the correct zip if not it is 214
also the wichita band scene is
if you get this direction in the country .. please let me know.. I would love to come here you live.. even as close as lawrence or kc... hope you had a good turkey day and are doing great!
the wicked witch

kristi - 10.19.04 @ 11:59pm
thank you, Nestea. where did you hear my song, Even Free? i'm honored to hear how you could relate. Namaste, km

Nestea - 10.17.04 @ 3:51pm

Your music is inspiring. The words just flow out of your mouth like the angels from heaven. I too can relate. I myself, am a nappy haired child. Your song touched me. Deep Down. Wow.

kristi - 10.12.04 @ 8:43pm
thanks, Garrett! it's great to hear from you. i miss Arizona and touring too! i have been busy working on being HERE in RI, so i havne't been touring as extensively recently. i hope beyond hope that i will be able to tour more thoroughly in 2005 (including getting to Tucson - though it might take until October). i will hopefully see you then! keep creating! i'm so happy to be a part of your inspiration! hove and lugs, km

Garrett Sipe Tucson, AZ - 10.12.04 @ 7:09pm
I have missed your music and you so much. Arizona misses you and I can't express it in words how much you and your music still mean to me. If you get a chance out of your so busy schedual it would be great to hear from you. I recently moved and I've noticed that it's been hard to keep in touch with those that have been a great inspiration. I would just like to say thanks and much love to you.

Love Always,

kristi - 10.06.04 @ 11:14pm
awe, you all are gonna make me cry! thanks SO much for all the praises. muah! i am so happy to hear i have touched your hearts with my music. it's interesting to think about my evolution from brave enough to The Mule because i wrote most of the songs that are on The Mule BEFORE i recorded brave enough, i just knew they weren't meant for that album. just interesting to think about how circular or spiraling evolution is. keep on listening with open hearts and speaking your truth, y'all. thanks for writing. and keep spreading the word about my music. oh and hey, feel free to join the discussion list... many blesses, km

Tabatha - 10.06.04 @ 2:06pm
Saw you at the Women's Gathering in Coventry. Thank you soooo much for sharing your voice with us. What a red-haired goddess you are and then you open your mouth and more beauty just comes dancing out. Just wanted to say thank you!

thorn - 10.05.04 @ 7:52pm
kristi, hi got your cds today and they sound fantastic. i can really see you evolve from brave enough to the mule. hey now i can quote that cliche your biggest fan i have all your records! lol...seriously tho you rock and i hope to get bound sometime in the future. :)

Sarah - 10.04.04 @ 3:19pm
Saw you yesterday at the Women's Gathering. My friends and I were blown away - we just loved your set. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and your stories.

kristi - 9.28.04 @ 11:03pm
WOW! hey Everybody! it's so good to hear from you all! Jolana! don't worry, i will never forget the beauty of you and your photos! thank you SO much for the big hug. it is the best thing you could say. :) i hope i get to visit that side of the ocean soon! i still have never been! thanks SOOOO much for spreading my music around! is Jolly pronounced how my English-speaking ears hear it? It's hard for my ears to go from Jolana to Jolly. :) lots of love to you too! .........Terrie, thanks for visiting my site! hope you got to see the tv thing. i got to see it tonight for the first time and it's not bad! ..........thorn, so glad you enjoyed my performance so much. hope to see you at a show soon!............Brisk, thanks SO much! yeah, i write intense stuff -- i'm glad you could relate. i have loved working with all the different kids i've taught. they teach me so much! and they are all so beautiful! thanks everybody for writing me here! be blessed and enjoy the rain and the autumn leaves! -km

Brisk - 9.28.04 @ 8:36pm
Your performance on "Center Stage" was so intense and I could really relate. I too know small nappy haired children. Touching.

thorn - 9.27.04 @ 8:35am
hey kristi, i saw you perform lastnite with kelliana and i was thinking wow you take a backseat to nobody. that was first id ever heard of you and i was quite impressed. i cant wait to get your cds and see you again in person. thorn

ps your voice is beautiful :)

Terrie Kind - 9.27.04 @ 8:14am
Hi Kristi!
Thanks for the info on your performances. I haven't been able to attend yet but I'm planning to in October and I am planning on watching you on 9/28 if I can get the station you're on. I have DirectTV not cable. See you Thursday in class. Terrie

Jolly Thompson - 9.23.04 @ 6:18pm
Hi Kristi, it's been a looong time since I wrote.I'm sorry to hear about what happened last year. I feel so clumsy. It's hard to find the right words. Sending you a big hug across the ocean. Just listened to songs from your new album. They are beautiful!Ordered several copies and going to spread them around amongst my friends this side of the ocean. Take care.And good luck. Lots of love. Jolly (the Czech photographer from Bard..)

kristi - 9.09.04 @ 12:24am
hey ezekiel, try it again. i changed it on 8/28/04 so it doesn't start automatically. and i guess the stop buttons really look likst play buttons, but when you press them, it stops the sound. there has always been a play/pause/stop button on all the sound files on the site. there's two sound files on the bound page too. so...i think you'll be all set now. hope so! let me know!

kristi - 9.09.04 @ 12:22am
hi Amy! thanks for signing the guestbook! i'm so glad you enjoy my newsletters and tour diary. :) -km

ezekiel - 9.06.04 @ 3:06pm
hello thx for responding. i don't see stop buttons. pause button on the home page works OK but the tourdates page downloads 32 MB automatically & there's no pause or stop button--that's a big file to force on unsuspecting visitors. thx for listening.

Amy - 8.31.04 @ 8:12pm
Aloha from Kauai! Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading about all your adventures and inspirations.

kristi - 8.28.04 @ 10:49pm
oh hey, hi, ezekiel. so sorry you're having trouble! i built those little stop buttons into the website so you could stop the sound from playing automatically... could you try that out, and let me know if it works for you? i have a very slow modem and figured if it could work for my clunky modem it could work for anybody's, but maybe i was wrong. just press the stop button while the page is still loading and it should be fine... if it's not, let me know! i'd certainly like to change it if it's not working! thanks for the feedback! - km

ezekiel - 8.28.04 @ 2:31pm
hello yr site keeps crashing my browser w/ all the big files. please change it so the files don't play automatically!

Kristi Martel - 7.31.04 @ 12:45am
Johanagirl, you rock! thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. you know i need all the help i can get! you still in school? you still singing? you still writing??? blessings to you dear one. kristi

Johana Barahona - 7.28.04 @ 1:20am
Hey Kristi, It is so great to read about the great things you continue to accomplish. I always think about you and hope you will be back in the bay area soon. I wish you the best always, and it is wonderful to hear that you are getting by gracefully. Much love. Johana Barahona

Kristi Martel - 6.18.04 @ 11:12pm
Rick! You rock!!! I will never forget you left coast folks ever. But all the transitions I've recently been through (losing Littlebird and moving 3,000 miles and starting over) have slowed me down. I'm not sure how long it will take til I make it out west. But it WILL happen! I promise!!! And you will definitely hear about it! :) -km

RJH - 6.18.04 @ 5:00am
Had to drop by and say 'hi from sandy-cruz! I'm planning to save my pennies to purchase the Mule ASAP!!!

I hope you won't forget us "left coast" folks now!! :)

Rick H

Kristi - 6.01.04 @ 11:54am
hey, Ronnie! you rock! yeah, i can't wait to meet Rachel and hear her live! do tell us all what you think of my new CD, The Mule, when you do get it! blesses, kristi

Ronnie Robinson - 6.01.04 @ 4:51am
Hey Kristi it's Ronnie in CA! I talked to Rachael a while back and she said that she has gotten your stuff and that Chloe Jo at the Atlanta office would be in touch. She is a tad busy right now, as a new CD is almost due out! Woohoo! I gotten get your new one though! I can't wait to hear "Aged". Anyway, sending my love!

Lisa - 5.31.04 @ 1:44am
I like the new guestbook! hooray for orange :)

Kristi Martel - 5.28.04 @ 3:15pm
Hey! Look! I've got a brand new spiffy too bright orange guestbook from Hostbaby here for you all! Weeeeeeeee! Come on, you know you want to sign it. :) tra la la... love, kristi

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