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Name: Rabbit
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Homepage URL:
Comments:Hey there. Saw you at Ooh la Latté days and days ago now. Just wanted you to know that the 2 cds I bought were a wonderful splurge on my part, and I'm not sorry at all that I bought them. Anyway, It's sort of presumptous of me, but I've been enjoying so much I wanted to share something too, so, when I was reading your poetry, I thought of a story I put here: it's sort of in the middle of the thing. I rather like to use quotes at the beginning of each chapter of this monstrosity, and if you look here:, well, that kind of summed up what I was wanting for that chapter, and if I ever manage to publish this thing, I'll be begging for permission to use lyrics and stuff.

Anyway. You rock, and rock on. Sallah!
Favorite Song: Road Song. The last part thereof.
Tuesday, April 27th 2004 - 10:49:33 PM
Name: Kimzey
E-mail address:
Comments:Saw you perform at Bodies in Motion & LOVED your voice & music... Not sure of the name of the song, but it nearly made me cry. Keep it up!
Monday, November 3rd 2003 - 04:37:36 PM
Name: Sarah Woolf
Homepage URL:
Comments:I love your website and your music. Sending you warm wishes of peace and love.
Favorite Song: SILVER!!!
Thursday, October 2nd 2003 - 09:31:52 PM
Name: Kelly Alves
E-mail address:
Comments:I caught you last Friday at the Salada Beach Cafe in Pacifica and am still raving to friends about what a special evening that was!

It was great meeting you and Julie, and Littlebird was really a "prescence" over the evening. Hope I catch you next time you come around...

Favorite Song: Silver
Monday, September 29th 2003 - 07:08:12 PM
Name: sarah
E-mail address:
Comments:Hi Kristi,
I will be praying for you and you will be in my thoughts. I know what its like to lose someone. I just pray that the Lord gives you a peace that is unchangable.
love and hugs,
Tuesday, September 9th 2003 - 09:17:27 PM
Name: Ivy
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Comments:hi kristi,
i just wanted to extend my love to you at this profoundly difficult time...i just finished looking at l'ilbird's website and listening to her gorgeous music...her illustrations throughout her website are so colorful and joyous that it's hard to imagine the creator could have been experiencing so much pain...
i lost my mother to cancer this past september...the after part is so difficult...reality seems not real, and fiction a more suitable reality...i think you are so brave to continue performing, but you need to be honest with yourself if this is what you truly need right now, or if you are simply trying not to disappoint people...after someone passes, there is a tendency of those close-by to slip on the lost ones shoes and try to assume the roles of both the survivor and the lost...don't try to do more than what feels right for you...and if at anytime you decide you need to take a break and be with just you, then do that...nobody else has the right to expect anything more from you than what you are presently capable of giving...
i wish you all the love, comfort, solace, and magic in the world...
ivy michelle berg
Wednesday, August 27th 2003 - 09:18:03 AM
Name: Aliza Shapiro
E-mail address:
Comments:Dear Kristi and dear dear Littlebird Spirit:
I am writing to tell you that when I heard you sing together several months ago, my spirit soared, my heart felt rich and soulful.

I am very sad that you won't be singing together and sharing your lives again in this realm. But I think of those two birds building their nest, and so with some kind of hope and trust, I wish you blessings on your continued connection across the realms, and I wish you blessings on your separate ways.

With tears and with hope,
Aliza, just another fan
Tuesday, August 26th 2003 - 11:57:22 PM
Name: Mary Casiano
E-mail address:
Comments:Dear Kristi,
You don't know me..I am a volunteer at Access Sacramento and I do know Kristi Lee Specht. I just want to say, I am sooooo sorry about Littlebird. Me and some friends are listening to her CD right now...What a voice!! Just know one thing... She is safe in God's loving hands and you both will be reunited again. I will keep you and her in my prayers. Much love to you....

Mary Casiano
Sunday, August 24th 2003 - 09:04:33 PM
Name: Mike Sosville
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:Hey Kristi, not sure if you remember, but I saw you and LB in Taos, then back home in Tucson. I'll be sure to see yas on the journey to da East.
Monday, August 11th 2003 - 12:49:24 AM
Name: Samantha Treize
E-mail address:
Comments:Hi Kristi! Lisa Ridlon sent me the 'Sealed Lip' sampler. Wow, it is fantastic. Excellent.
I have been suffering a bastard migraine the last few days; I hadn't been able to listen to any music - just the thought of it made me want to vomit. But the silence was deafening me. Then I remembered your disc. Thank-you: through it I swayed.paced.unravelled my way out of the pain. I feel much better now - not free of its vice (is it spelt 'vise' in American? - I'm in the UK.) grip, but getting there.

Thanks again with love
Samantha x
Favorite Song: Through That Door
Saturday, July 5th 2003 - 07:46:52 AM
Name: Garrett Sipe
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
This is Garrett. It's been awhile since you've been to Tucson. I miss hearing your music live. Still needing a Roady? I graduated and I'm making my way into college this coming fall. I hear things are going great for you. Your Name is getting out there and I'm extremly happy to hear. Waiting to hear from You.
With Love,
Garrett Sipe

Favorite Song: Silver
Monday, June 30th 2003 - 11:00:47 AM
Name: none
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:great site.
Thursday, June 5th 2003 - 12:38:05 PM
Name: Leslie Piken
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:Hey Kristi!
I just wanted to write to you again and tell you how much I think you are incredible. I was just at your show tonight at UNH, (I was the hooker, with my girlfriend Lacey) anyways, so many times during your performance I felt like I was singing with you and it even brought a few tears to my eyes at one point. I miss singing so dearly and you do it in such a musically brilliant way that I aspire to, and I'd love to get up the courage to sing like you do. You are a life force, an angel. THank you so much for sharing your stories. Your immediate fan,
Leslie :)
Favorite Song: liked the Billie holiday one and Hooker...but all of them
Thursday, April 10th 2003 - 08:08:33 PM

Wednesday, April 9th 2003 - 07:48:27 AM
Name: Candy girl
E-mail address:
Comments:Kristi came to Buffalo this weekend yahoooooooo! Lucky us. :) Of course she was fa fa fabulous. man..touring is a lot of work. That keyboard case is bigger than her..and I and my amazon self even had trouble carrying it out to the car. Everyone feared for their lives. NO. j/k :P I can't wait till Next November...or maybe sometime we'll head over to the West Coast. :) :) :)
Thanks again KRisti frou frou.

Your undoubtedly hyper techie with no grace,
runner up stalker (#2) ;),
Candy "not-a-stripper" Lawrence
Favorite Song: Can't just pick one...of course Hooker ;) and Even Free oh and Give. Okay I'll stop now. Fly.
Monday, April 7th 2003 - 09:57:55 AM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:Ojalá ojala algún día te conozca, no he escuchado de tí pero tienes una voz, mejor que Alanis Mosissette.

Un abrazo.

Enrique Martel
Telef. 232-1094 / 9661-2204
Favorite Song: See you sweet
Saturday, March 29th 2003 - 11:40:38 PM
Name: micheal
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:my compliments on your site. you are quite gifted. i wish you much success. peace.
Favorite Song: imagine by john lennon
Thursday, March 20th 2003 - 10:10:23 AM
Name: Mark Valade
E-mail address:
Luv You! Luv your music! Going through feelings of withdrawl at the moment... soon...need to survive... ;)
Can't wait for the new stuff - Woo!
Please add pix of Sheryl and Sadie.
Good Love on the upcoming NATIONAL tours.
Peace in
Favorite Song: today its "Hands"
Monday, January 27th 2003 - 12:28:36 PM
Name: Maya Gillingham
E-mail address:
Comments:Hi Kristi...I found you on Google looking for piano lessons in Oakland! I am looking for a cool, fun, talented person to teach my partner Chino piano lessons. I'd like to pay for the first 2-3 as a present, and am looking for a special someone/teacher. Could you email me or call me with your rates, contact info, etc. I'm open to classes or individual lessons (510) 381-0876. Happy Holidays!
Maya Gillingham
Monday, December 23rd 2002 - 04:15:04 PM
Name: Jorge de Castro
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

just to tell you that your music could very well be the best thing I've heard in along time! I arrived in NY a month ago and was lucky and blessed to bump into this small club where you and littlebird were playing. Thank God for that! And when I'm listening to the songs now, even the sad ones, I can always picture you smiling!
Thank you so much!
Friday, December 20th 2002 - 09:01:47 AM
Name: Jack
E-mail address:
Comments:Ok made my site look ok, thanks. <i>!</i>
Saturday, November 30th 2002 - 09:00:34 PM
Name: Bill
E-mail address:
Comments:Good guestbook and good site <i>!</i>
Tuesday, October 29th 2002 - 11:48:54 AM
Name: Eva Chow
E-mail address:
i love your stuff, so i'm giving you one of my poems here
hope you like it


the pencils fall
like brittle tubes of coral.
in lipstick money dreams
pale bloodless necks twist across
snowfields of amnesia,
notebooks of intelligence left
empty, pages fluttering like
the flags of defeated countries.

no sense. promises are sacrificed
like the wives of doctors, asleep
in a bathtub with fifty four
orange pills. in a life
as short as this, simple things
are mowed over in the rush : love
and all that issues from it. we
want comfort at all costs,
we¹ll die for it,

or kill.
Sunday, October 6th 2002 - 07:17:11 PM
Name: Elena
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:Thanks for the opportunity to visit your site!
Wednesday, August 7th 2002 - 06:03:04 AM
Name: trina
E-mail address:
Comments:love the site and your stuff...looking forward to being able to see you sometime soon!

Wednesday, July 10th 2002 - 02:09:31 PM
Name: Sinead
E-mail address:
Comments:It was a pleasure to have seen you in Santa Cruz, and I will definitely look forward to seeing more of you.

You're a goddess!

btw: I loved it when you sang with that deep voice in Hooker, so sexy!
Favorite Song: Hooker
Saturday, June 29th 2002 - 12:45:21 PM
Name: Christopher Geer
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:Hi Kristi-
I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Seattle Art Museum last week and you were
kind enough to give me a two-fer on yours and Jean's short CD's. I am BLOWN AWAY by your
talent; your lyrics, voice, your depth. Where on earth did you get this talent???
I feel like I should be writing this all in caps but supposedly that's impolite. You, my dear
are one incredibly talented woman! "Comeback" and "Give Me" are just. just... mind-blowing.
I have been emoting to my cat as I listen to them on infinite replay. Your talent is multi-
layered. I try to explain to "deSoggy" all the various remarkable things you do in just these
two songs. But hey, she's a cat so it's frustrating. I think I'll take the CD to work so my co-workers can hear you. OK- I'm bordering on babbling now. I'll just close by saying what an incredible treat you are!
Thanks for putting yourself out there and thanks for crossing my path. Keep knocking our socks off!!!
Most Sincerely- Christodher Geer
Favorite Song: Come Back
Monday, June 10th 2002 - 03:59:19 PM
Name: Tom and Jan Reyes
E-mail address:
We really enjoyed your music last night at the Seattle Art Museum. The CD does sound good TURNED UP LOUD!
Thanks for coming to Seattle and playing your tunes!!
Friday, June 7th 2002 - 12:53:27 PM
Name: nikki jackson
E-mail address:
Comments:i love the cd.. i listen to it all the time.. its very inspiring
Favorite Song: see you sweet
Monday, June 3rd 2002 - 04:11:08 PM
Name: Grover Sheffield
E-mail address:
Comments:Hi Kristi!
I'm SO VERY SORRY I came in late for your gig in at Lodestar in Birmingham, AL. I have loved listening to your cd, and now, after reading some more of your writing on the web-site, am even more pleased to have met you. I laugh, applaud and admire your dedication to discover yourself. I love the lyrics to through the door, and about teaching love through piano. You are healing. Thanks, and there will be more people when you come back. My daughter likes your cd, too. I'll show her your writing next. Incidently, I really like your percussionist, and I heard the bowed guitar faintly- it felt like tearing fabric; tension.
Anyway, just wanted to pass some warmth back to you. Blessings!!
Favorite Song: Give
Sunday, May 26th 2002 - 01:12:45 PM
Name: Jasen Crozier
E-mail address:
Comments:Wow! This is quite impressive. Nice to see you are doing well and what you love. If you want to do a recording of Imagine and you need some extra vocals...well maybe not, but I do wish you well. Take care.
Favorite Song: Blackbird
Thursday, May 9th 2002 - 12:57:54 PM
E-mail address: MHELMSY3@AOL.COM
Wednesday, May 8th 2002 - 05:54:19 PM
Name: Sara E Hocker
E-mail address:
Comments:I met you tonight (4-25-02) at Borders in Lawrence and you were even more amazing live than you are on the albums. I hope to see many more albums from you in the coming years. You have joined a group of artists whose work has really impacted my life- Tracy Chapman, Steven Tyler, Ani DiFranco, Melissa Ethridge and Stevie Nicks have at various points in my life really helped me through some difficult times. Recently my partner of five years left me and just when I thought I couldn't go on another day I happened to see an article about you in the Liberty Press that interested me. So I picked up the new album. It is really rare that I fall in love with a new album the first time I listen to it. But your voice is beautiful. Your personality shines through your music and your lyrics were so comforting. While listening to Honor the first time I felt as if you had reached inside my soul and articulated exactly what I felt towards my ex-girlfriend. I have been feeling like there is no one I could ever feel close to again but your music, and my meeting you tonight have reminded me that I do have a life to look forward to, and that there are other very attractive like-minded people out there for me to love.
Thank you so much for what you do.
Sara Elizabeth
Favorite Song: Honor
Thursday, April 25th 2002 - 10:40:35 PM
Name: Kate
E-mail address:
Comments:Yo sis. You're trippin' me up with those "March" entries...I think you meant April...yes, this is April now, get ready, cause in two weeks it's May! Ha ha, just teasing. Thanks for the props in your list of CD's. Now you must tell me what, if any of it, that you liked. Oh, and if you hit up a record store on your way cross this country pick up Jack Johnson. He's wicked cool. Kinda like Ben Harper (actually he plays a little guitar for him here and there). If you flip on the radio, you just might here "Flake". Or, maybe I'll just give you a burned copy when you swing by my way. Love ya! 17 more days People! Get ready!!
Favorite Song: Of your's?! Well, I'll go with old skool, something like "When the Outside Gets Inside Through the Skin" right? that's the name? ha
Wednesday, April 24th 2002 - 06:52:06 PM
Name: Britta Penca-Rhoads
E-mail address:
Comments:Hey Kristi,

Great meeting you the other day. Hope to see you in iowa city soon at The Mill. Oh you could always check out Live From Studio One the KUNI Radio live show in Cedar Falls.

Anyway, wanted to thank you for the song Through That Door as it helped me to grieve my late grandfather, an imigrant who gave me the same piece of advise. The song opened the gates to feeling for me.

In Gratitude,
Favorite Song: Through That Door
Wednesday, April 24th 2002 - 04:39:19 PM
Name: teresa martel
E-mail address:
Comments:Hi... I was looking for some family information on line, and I don´t know why I found you... i thought i was funny!
I would like to hear you, but here in spain i never heard you before.

i love signing, maybe is a family thing!

Teresa Martel
Monday, April 22nd 2002 - 11:24:42 AM
Name: Garrett Sipe
E-mail address:
Comments:I saw you last night at borders. You were simply amazing. I'm glad to see such a person out there on the road doing what she loves! You are more of an influence then you can even imagine.

Favorite Song: Too Many...can't decide
Saturday, April 20th 2002 - 03:05:37 PM
Name: sandra millar
E-mail address:
Comments:i think you are a really good singer. you have given me many tips on to becomeing a singer myself. you were at townsend middle school and was the one by mrs campos. i thougt that you were really good:-) well if you can give me some tips on how to become a singer..... will you please?
yours truly sandra millar and 8th grader at townsend middle
if it helps you i am the naturally red head in that class.. and i am as tall as you. lol :-)
sandra millar
Favorite Song: give
Thursday, April 18th 2002 - 06:38:08 PM
Name: chip
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:what's up kristi? you and littlebird played an awesome show tonite at junas! you guys rock... can't wait to have to back! i'm visitor 666 since your website remodeling... haha!
Favorite Song: all of them
Saturday, August 11th 2001 - 11:08:34 PM
Name: Beth Mattson
Comments:Kristi is sooo rad! :) Go see her live and buy all of her
stuff! :) *humming a tune* No really, go now, listen at
CD Baby! Right now! *back to humming and typing the
interview .... *

-Beth M
Favorite Song: today: Give Me a Little
Monday, July 23rd 2001 - 02:04:45 PM
Name: Denise Duhamel
E-mail address:
Comments:Not since Ann Margaret sang Viva Las Vegas with Elvis, has a
redhead made such an impact on music! Kristi is the real
thing--a first rate diva with a voice that will break your
heart! Buy up all her CDs now as they are sure to be
collectors items when the big wigs sign her
Favorite Song: Bulimia
Thursday, July 12th 2001 - 01:19:03 PM
Name: brianna
E-mail address:
Comments:hey!!thanks 4 comign to twigs in san diego!!! nice job but
of luck in your career. i hope your having a great time...
Wednesday, July 11th 2001 - 07:43:48 PM
Name: bekkah
E-mail address:
Comments:kristy rocks
Favorite Song: give me a little and the silver one
Thursday, June 28th 2001 - 10:24:18 PM
Name: Jenellee
E-mail address: Jenellee Girl04
Comments:Hi Kristi.It's me Jenellee.I think you are so cool.PLEASE EMAIL ME AND TELL ME HOW I CAN BECOME A SINGER.
Friday, June 15th 2001 - 11:49:15 AM
Name: Lynn Lawrence
E-mail address:
Comments:I enjoyed hearing you last 3/15 thur night at the Montclair
Women's Cultural Arts Club. We helped each other find our
way into that place. I couldn't stay for the 2nd set but I
hope to catch you soon. I understand you will perform at the
Rose Tree? Plus, I heard you are leaving the Bay Area. So,
if you can, let me know where else you may be performing.
Sunday, March 18th 2001 - 03:58:13 PM
Name: Christyn
E-mail address:

I'm really gonna miss you! You've been a great teacher.
I'm sorry to see you go but happy that you're pursuing your
dreams. I'm sure you'll do well because you're such a
talented person. Good luck in all you do! :)~
Favorite Song: Case of the Ex
Friday, February 23rd 2001 - 06:37:52 PM
Name: Jolana Dolejsova-Thompson
E-mail address:
Comments:Dear Kristi,
I don't know if you still remember me, we met at Bard
through Piali.(I loved your final recital) Last time we
wrote, I was in Holland, expecting a baby. Then we moved to
the UK and our son was born and for several months I was in
this "first time mother dreamy land" and so by the time I
got to write to you again, you've moved. Today my parents
sent me some correspondence from the Czech rep.and amidst
there was your Dec.2000 newsletter. It's good to hear that
you are well and making music. I hope all the other things
are working out for you as well.
I have actually got some good friends in San Francisco. We
were there on Halloween 1999. And so maybe we will come
back some time.
My son is just about to turn two years of age and he is re-
discovering the world for me. Life is sometimes crazy and
tired but very, very good.
Take care and good luck with your work.
Wednesday, January 31st 2001 - 01:31:35 AM
Name: Mark Dining
E-mail address:
Comments:It is always a pleasure to talk with you! Best wishes for
your move to New Hampshire. mark
Favorite Song: don't know yet
Friday, January 26th 2001 - 12:05:34 PM
Name: Johana Barahona
E-mail address:
Comments: Hey Kristi, well after raeding this its proven even more
that you are a great inspiration and I'm very blessed to
have met you and now have you in my life. All your work is
amazing and you've really helped me to open up and sing for
me and no one else, because that's what it's all about.I
wish you the best in everything you do and along with that
I send my love.
Favorite Song: I haven't heard everything yet, so for now it's GIVE
Friday, January 5th 2001 - 04:42:18 PM
Name: Aaron Childs
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:Thank you for the CD for the radio show. Very talented
young lady. You've got the potentail to be very successfull!
Favorite Song: Give
Saturday, December 16th 2000 - 06:12:48 AM
Name: Corinne Curcio
E-mail address:
Comments:Sorry to have lost touch with you. So happy to have
reconnected with someone who inspires with her life/music,
and encouraged me on my own musical voyage. I'll be
ordering your 2 most recent recordings soon. Learned much
by reading the biography, the interview, and loved the
photos! It's a great site!
Favorite Song: Love the ones I know, can't wait to hear the "new" ones!
Monday, December 11th 2000 - 05:43:27 AM
Name: Juan Ramirez
E-mail address:
Homepage URL: http://none
Comments:hey kristi its me juan i like your website its pretty cool
i still cant find any lyrics (i think i spelled it wrong)
for the abba songs well thats all i wanted to say if you
want to e-mail me for any reason my e-mail addres is ok thats it c-ya.
Favorite Song: Linkin Park One step Closer
Thursday, November 30th 2000 - 09:50:29 PM
Name: Christyn
E-mail address:
Comments:Dear Kristy,

Your website is really cool! Good luck in everything that
you do!

Favorite Song: There you go
Thursday, August 10th 2000 - 09:55:18 PM
Name: geneva
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:Hi Kristi...

Just coming by to check out your site. Thanks for visiting
Saturday, August 5th 2000 - 06:01:17 PM
Name: Denise Duhamel
E-mail address:
Comments:Kristi is the very very best! I remember her playing the
theme song from "Mash" ("Suicide is Painless") when she was
only a wee child and couldn't believe my ears! I babysat
her before she could talk, but even then she could sing!!
I'm her older cousin and a poet. I'm so happy to have
Kristi in the family--she's my reality c
Favorite Song: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Sunday, July 30th 2000 - 10:56:14 AM
Name: Robin Leebardt
E-mail address:
Comments:Here's to you, Kristi! May your dreams come to life through
your songs! I don't know what else to dream for? Oooo, a
soul mate, too!
Favorite Song: of yours, so far, the Maiden and Her Master
Monday, July 24th 2000 - 01:15:30 PM
Name: robespierre
E-mail address:
Comments:cool site!
Favorite Song: I wanna wash that man right outta my hair
Monday, July 24th 2000 - 12:01:29 PM
Name: Annie Snow
E-mail address:
Comments:Yeah-Yeah Yaaaaah!
Favorite Song: Hands has invaded my brain
Monday, July 17th 2000 - 06:19:39 PM
Name: The One and Only Kate
E-mail address:
Comments:Lovely. Simply Marvelous. I give it two thumbs up!

It just needs a little refinement, then it will be perfect.
So, yeah, I've never heard this little thing here be called
a "Dream"book, always Guestbook. Oh well, just the
same....Hope you're doing well....a few stories to tell
you, but I'll save that for later. Buh bye

~Love, Kate
Favorite Song: Why one of your's of course!!!!! But no, at the moment, it's Incubus' rocks.
Monday, July 17th 2000 - 04:54:42 PM
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