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the single

keeping the piano warm

On December 19, 2002, a profoundly sick Kristi entered the studio to record the marathon 9-minute single, bound. I, Littlebird, couldn't do much for her except hold her hand on the subway and tell her she was gonna do great. We were both exhausted-- she hadn't been able to sleep because of the incredible stomach pain, and i couldn't sleep either.

Somehow she managed to pull off singing and playing as powerfully as she did that day.

I have joked that bound is a "hate song," but it took a labor of love to bring it about! Denise, the engineer/co-producer, worked far into the next morning to achieve an incredible mix. It was her idea to get a few pics of the long day's struggle, so here 'tis!

fearless assistant

gang to Kristi: "You sure you should eat that??"

Kampo in the early morning twilight

bound credits:
bound (c)(p) 2003 sealed lip music/ascap
words & music by kristi martel
voices & piano by kristi
drums by rich kulsar
bass by jason wallenstein
bowed guitar by denise barbarita
recorded & mixed by denise at kampo studios, nyc, december 19, 2002
co-produced by denise & kristi
assistant engineer: hiromasa okawara
design by littlebird & kristi


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