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Monday, December 28, 2009
Hallo Beautiful People,

Although we got 20 inches of snow in a blizzard that lasted from Saturday evening through until the Sunday morning before Christmas, it has all just about melted, as of this morning. I was accompanied by deer and sea-foam on my early morning walk yesterday, and by frozen earth and piping plovers today. So much has been happening that I haven't even had time to tell you all about it 'til now!

The December 5th Piano Gallery show in Little Rhody was lovely. I had the keyboard in addition to the beautifully in-tune grand, so we played keyboard favorites like "Aged," "Comeback," and "Hooker" as well as piano favorites like "Into th e Fog" and even the very rarely heard, "bound!" Kevin and I h ad a lot of fun working on that one!

The December 8th Outmusic Awards in NYC were something of a fiasco. There were many technical problems throughout the night. But, many lovely and deserving people got awards. Being asked to face so many photographers for photos on the red carpet was very touching and thrilling, and I was told I was very generous and gracious. I was interviewed by several publications during the pre-show cocktail hour. Fans came from as far as Providence and Boston to see me perform at the awards! And my videographer and string trio did a fantastic job on "Blessed Community." I can't wait to let you all know when it will all air on MTV/LOGO.

Then we traveled to LA on December 9th. I met my LA band for the first time to rehearse on the 10th. Zak (drums) and Cristian (bass) were super sweet and prepared, and we sounded great! On my off-days, I got to meet some people who have been in the film industry for many many years, as well as some new up-and-coming talent. I read a script for which I am being asked about my song, "Fly." And, I got my first big film role, in that film! I can't wait to be able to te ll you all the exciting details. The December 12th Cat Club show was fantastic! We rocked it. It was so good to hear "Sacred Whore," "Gutter Mouth," and "bound" live with a band.

I can't wait to get in the studio! While traveling Kim and I talked about our plans for the "Sacred Whore" album, videos, tour, and documentary. We are gathering the people who will play on the album and work on the filming. We hope to hire an assistant manager who is well connected and experienced with planning tours and publicity, in early January. I will be heading to the studio to record demos for two more songs in January too. We are narrowing down where we will record the album. And we hope to have a producer/engineer, documentarian/director and start date very soon!

When I got back home, I found out that my uncle had passed away while I was taking the train to NYC, and that my godfather had passed away while I was unpacking after my red-eye from LA. I was heartbroken and honored to be a pallbearer at my godfather's funeral. I had hoped to write you all then to let you know all the good touring news, but couldn't, between grieving and the holidays.

My godfather, Jack, lived with cancer for over 25 years. He and my dad met at basic training almost exactly 40 years ago. They were the best of friends. I can still hear Jack's Massachusetts accent and warm laughter. It's amazing how we can miss someone so much when they die, even when we don't see them so often in life.

Kim made us amazing turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and brussel sprouts for a lovely all-organic Christmas Eve meal. I baked all-organic French Canadian meat pie and banana bread (per my grandmother's request) and brought them to my grandparent's house on Christmas day, since she can not really travel anymore. We had a sweet holiday. I hope you did too!

And, I know I've missed your gift-giving shopping, but I have still created a CD Baby sale for you all to enjoy. My full-length CDs are each on sale for $13. If you buy more than one of any one of them, you get an additional 20% off. And, they are each in the $5 bin, which you can read all about at CD Baby.

We have big plans for 2010! We hope you do too! May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you be fearless. May you be peace.

Happy Solstice! Happy Yule! Happy Winter! Happy Kwanzaa! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy New Year!
Blessed be,


5:07 PM

Thursday, November 12, 2009
Hallo Beautiful People!

The October Cat Club show was fantastic. What an honor to play such a legendary rock venue and to get that rowdy rocker bar audience to listen quietly. It was a special night, and I am so excited to be playing there again in December, with a very special backup band for a very special Christmas party with ICM and Paradigm agency folks, actors, writers, and producers there to share the night.

While in LA, I got to meet Beyonce's agent! Andrea is good people, and I am so happy to be working with her to create the team of my dreams. I feel so blessed.

The October Piano Gallery show was also a beautiful night. The rain stopped many folks from attending, but everyone there had a lovely, engaged, joy-filled time. Kevin and I had everyone laughing much of the night. And what a gift to play an immaculately in-tune grand piano. My high notes sounded just right! We all had so much fun that we booked a December date that we intend to pack.

We had a super special Samhain/Halloween celebration on an unusually warm night at our beautiful new home by the sea. We shared stories of our ancestors, ate food from some of their favorite recipes, took a moonlit walk to the ocean rocks, and bobbed for apples. Halloween has always been my favorite.

I am honored to be performing a very special spot at the Outmusic Awards 2009 at the Grand Ball Room at Webster Hall in NYC in December. I am so excited to be a part of the legendary event. I can't wait to meet all the special guests! As the details get confirmed, I'll keep you updated.

And we're working on some fantastic radio and tv spots, so stay tuned.

Love & homemade organic toasted almond chocolate chip cookies!

12:18 PM

Sunday, September 27, 2009
Hallo Good People,

I am so happy to finally have a couple shows to tell you about! I *really* miss performing. We have a very special show coming up in West Hollywood at The Cat Club on Sunset Boulevard. We are very excited about all the fancy people who will be attending the show. And then, in late October, I will FINALLY be playing another Little Rhody show! My long-time friend Kevin Silvia will do an opening set and accompany me. My piano tuner has his own piano store now, and he has a stage that he is going to set with a very fine grand piano, just for me, so that we all can hear me perform. This economy has shut a lot of venue doors, and I am so thankful Larry is opening his doors for us!

Show details to the left. :)

Meanwhile, I have been scoring my songs toward one day publishing the scores. I have been doing Tons of yoga. I have been learning how to ride horses! I have been getting ready to go into the studio, even though it is taking longer than I'd like. While in LA I will be meeting folks who will hopefully become part of the Sealed Lip Records team, to help make and promote the next album. I will have "The Sacred Whore Demos" at these October shows. They are lovely, and I can't wait for you to see them. Donating money toward the making of the studio album can get you your own lovely Demos CD! (details at And we are moving! The Sealed Lip Records office is moving with us. We are sooooooo thrilled to be moving to the ocean. I have dreamed of living by the ocean most of my life, and finally, we are moving there in just 5 days!

And, here is a video I'd like you all to watch, because we all need to love our bodies a little better, and we can help each other do it.
Love your body!

Be peace y'all,


2:49 PM

Wednesday, July 08, 2009
Hallo Good People!

I am back! And I have a lot to tell you...

On May 15th I arrived in NYC's Penn Station with too many bags for all the needed items for all the projects I planned to work on while there. I stayed in a lovely little apartment on the Upper West Side near Central Park and The Dakota Building where John Lennon lived and died. My plans included studying Dunham Technique and other dance styles at Alvin Ailey, doing tons of yoga, mastering the Sacred Whore Demos and designing the graphics for the CD and its full-color sleeve, scoring all the songs on my forthcoming album and creating and scoring string parts for some of them, drawing portraits of the people who inspire me (an on-going project that I do to get me where I am going), exploring Central Park, and doing some specifically NYC c ultural things. So my bags held lots of dance and yoga clothes, my yoga mat and sneakers, some translations of ancient yoga scripture, my journal, some piano scores to practice, my laptop, some reference books for orchestration and my new software, and my drawing pencils and markers and sketchbook.

On May 17th I went to my first Alvin Ailey class (of this trip - I took a few classes there in the mid-'90's when I lived in NYC) and found out that their usual extensive schedule was about to end for a semester break. I had planned on taking 1 or 2 classes 6 days a week, so it was a huge disappointment to find that most of the classes I wanted were not available. I researched other schools all over the city and attended classes at a few different places. The styles of dance I love best (so far), Dunham Technique and Haitian Folkloric dance, are not as readily available as many other styles, so my options were limited. After trying lots of other places, I ended up liking the classes I had planned to take at Alvin Ailey best, and chose to focus just on their reduced schedule, instead of studying elsewhere. I took 2 or 3 dance classes there each week, instead of my intended 6-10.

Attending dance classes after many years without dancing was both intimidating and liberating. I faced all my old fears about somehow not quite being trained enough, good enough, or thin enough to be a dancer. In the classes I liked best, I also danced best. I felt so at home dancing in those classes. And I randomly got asked if I was a dancer in some of my yoga classes, and decided it is high time I answered definitively, simply, "Yes." I started creating the dance for my Sacred Whore video in my mind, and I can't wait to have more time and space to work out the details and teach the dance to the dancers who will accompany me in the video.

I did TONS of yoga at many many different schools with many many different teachers, and although I really enjoyed some of the classes, I deeply missed my amazing teachers at Eyes of the World at home in Little Rhody the whole time! My NYC favorites were working with Seane Corn at the Yoga Journal Conference, working with Dharma Mittra and some of his student teachers at his Yoga Center, and working with Sandhi at Jivamukti. Seane has an amazing sense of purpose and passion in her practice and teaching. Dharma embodies yoga so fully that just being around him brings peace to his students. And Sandhi is both a yogini and an aerial acrobat, and I love being upside-down, so I very much enjoyed her classes.

During that first week of trying out all different dance and yoga studios in NYC, I also spent a couple of days mastering the Sacred Whore Demos and designing the graphics for the CD and its sleeve. I sent off the masters and Kim got to see them first, because they arrived before I came home. They look great! I am about to start signing and numbering them and sending out the ones that have already been ordered. There are only 300, so please order yours soon, here.

As soon as I finished designing the demos, I devoted my at-home time to scoring all the songs on the album. I started with Aegis and then completed Dear Sister, Gutter Mouth, Sacred Whore, This Space Is All Mine., and Blessed Community, before returning home. I have 5 more songs to score vocals and piano for, and then I need to create and score string parts for almost all of them. I love my new scoring software, Sibelius 6. Notation software has come a very long way since I started scoring my songs by hand in 1986. Even through college and grad school I refused to switch to computer notation, because it was not yet flexible enough to be worth it to me. Now it is, and it is fun, flexible, beautiful and so efficient to use!

Within a week of being there, I got really sick from the pollution in New York. I had expected it to affect me, but not as severely as it did. Not only was my head full and achey, my throat inflamed and sore, and my lungs very tight and wheezy, but I felt like I was losing my mind. For over a week I had really intense mood swings and wondered if I should just return home. Kim was so helpful on the phone, reassuring me that the trip was not a failure or a waste even if I came home early, or even if I stayed but didn't dance as much as I had wanted. I decided to take Claritin, even though I almost never take any drugs of any kind, and two herbal remedies, and my symptoms got a tiny bit better. Then I talked to my holistic doctor on the phone and she helped me figure out what was going on and she did some energy work on me OVER THE PHONE(!), and it really helped! Who knew?

Kim visited for two days in the middle of my 5-week stay in NYC. First I showed her the neighborhood I was living in: Lincoln Center, Alvin Ailey, Carnegie Hall, and Patelson's (which is where I used to always go to get scores, but it is closing! It feels like a death in my family.). Then we explored the East Village and SoHo together, where I spent most of my time when I lived in NYC, visiting some new and old favorite places. We got super-yummy pretzel croissants at Birdbath Bakery, a bakery that decided to build a completely green facility to go with their completely organic and local ingredients ( Their wall paint is made of milk! We visited NY Central Art Supply, Veselka, 9th St Bakery, Enchantments, Flower Power Herbs and Roots, Tompkin Square Park, Life Cafe... We stumbled upon Jill Anderson's Dresses, whose designs are so beautiful we hope to have Jill make a couple of dresses for me to wear in the Sacred Whore video. Then we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame NYC Annex to see Yoko Ono's new exhibit, John Lennon: The New York City Years. John is a hero of Kim's, and John and Yoko are both inspirations of mine. It is a very special exhibit. We were so inspired by it that we visited The Dakota Building, Strawberry Fields, and the John Lennon Memorial the next day. I thought I might return home with Kim at the end of her visit, but I decided to stay. I had adjusted to the pollution and city life and my class schedule, the mini-vacation with Kim helped my heart, and I wanted to get as many dance classes in as possible.

I got to see Yo Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble at a free concert in the park at Lincoln Center. The compositions, performances, and instruments were all exquisite. They are supposed to be airing that show on PBS at some point. I got yummy organic and local food from Josie's Express delivered to my 4th floor walk-up during a major thunderstorm. I saw the movie Unmistaken Child, about a Tibetan Monk's journey to find the reincarnation of his mentor, such a beautiful land and culture. I got amazing organic macrobiotic food from Souen in the West Village. I wandered all over the top of Central Park to be in the woods in the middle of NYC! I bought yummy knishes, rugelach, bagels, and white fish pâté at Zabar's. When Kim visited again for my last weekend there and to bring me home, we saw the movie Food, Inc., which is digging deeply into how big corporate structure has been changing the quality of the food we eat in totally unsustainable ways. It is so densely informative that I think everyone needs to see it, at least twice: . We went to a fantastic gourmet pizzeria and gelato place called Otto's, right near the lovely Washington Square Park archway. Otto's gelato is so good that it almost made me cry. We also went to Katz's Deli (which has been there since 1888) and Yonah Schimmel's Knishery (which has been there since 1910) in the Lower East Side.

If you don't know what a knish is, it is a thin pastry filled with things like potatoes, cabbage, kasha, onions, cheese... When Eastern European immigrants were adjusting to the fast-paced factory life of NYC in the mid- to late 1800's, they created knishes as a take-out version of their traditional foods. The fried version of knishes that is sold from the street carts in NYC are not really the same food as the original baked knish. There are maybe 5 places that serve authentic old-style knishes remaining in NYC. Zabar's and Yonah Schimmel's are two of them.

We love NYC, especially Greenwhich Village, but we are so glad to be home! We are currently exploring the Rhode Island coastline, farms, farmers markets, and ourselves. We are working hard to gather the money to make the next album, meet all the right people in NYC and LA, and get the right team to book and promote the album and a worldwide tour. Little by little, we are getting there.

The Hi Hat has reduced its hours because it is having trouble staying open, so our options there have been very limited. So we have been looking into other options. We think I will be playing a show on a BEAUTIFUL Yamaha grand piano with AMAZING sound at our favorite piano tuner's lovely store with a nice stage in Middletown. We hope this pans out for an early August date. I will keep you posted with details as soon as we have them!

Meanwhile, enjoy the thunderstorms and the sunshine and the warmth and the farmers markets and the local organic berries and greens and the beaches of summer!

Be peace,


5:20 PM

Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Hallo Beautiful People!

I am performing at a very special show this Saturday. A dear friend of mine is beginning a new healing business and has created an open house event to celebrate its beginnings. She has asked me to perform to help manifest their vision of a new healing community. Her new business is called Trinity Energetics, and she and her business partners offer Aromatherapy, Aromatarot, Crystal Therapy, Psychic Readings, Magnified Healing, Deep Tissue/Trigger Point and Sacred Stone Massage, Reiki, Reiki trainings, and Tarot. At this open house they will be offering a free guided Abundance/Prosperity Meditation while receiving Reiki to help us all revive the spirit of abundance, refreshments, information about all of their services, free blessing gifts for everyone, and the opportunity to meet the practitioners. Come celebrate spring, new beginnings, and the energetic seeds of our future. I am honored to be a part of the watering of those seeds. Show details to the left.

Meanwhile, our own seeds are planted. Our plans are well underway. I am going to New York City to train for dancing in my "Sacred Whore" video. It's been years since I danced. I am very happy to be dedicating myself so fully to this task. We are working to confirm a Little Rhody kick-off show when I get back in late June. After my month of training, we will be going into the studio in Connecticut to record the album and its videos. We are gathering the musicians, funding, and the booking/publicity/management team as I write this. It is a huge task, and tough economic times to pull all this off, but we are making it all happen by watering the seeds and propping up and sheltering the seedlings when the wind blows so hard. I will be SO happy to train in NYC, record the album and its videos, design the graphics, and send off those masters to be duplicated. I will be absolutely thrilled when we are stepping onto the plane to do the first show of the world wide tour. We want to bring this work to all the places that need to hear it: all over North America and Europe, but also places like India, Cambodia, Tibet, Nepal, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt, Uganda, Congo, Nigeria... The list is long, and I hope you will help me get there. Send energy, prayers, love, light, hope, peace, money, contacts, whatever you have that you think will help me bring "Blessed Community" and "Sacred Whore" to the communities in our world most torn by the effects of war, child prostitution, greed, pollution, fear. It all boils down to fear. And I intend to spread as much love as possible. Love to heal the wounds of fear. Love always overcomes fear. Always.

So, check out the donations page. And I hope to see you Saturday.

Love and peace,

3:13 PM

Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Hallo Beautiful People!

I have so many things to tell you!

Firstly, I am very excited to announce that our plans for my next album, "Sacred Whore," are well underway and getting more and more exciting. We are right around the corner from getting into the studio for the album (hopefully in May). The songs are written. I am working on scoring them and creating their arrangements. I have created music video outlines for four of the songs: "Gutter Mouth," "Sacred Whore," "Here In My House," and "Blessed Community." The songs are so vibrant that we are planning to make a documentary film about the concepts behind them, my writing process, and the making of the album and its videos. We've picked a studio and line producer for project, and we think we will call it, "The Sacred Whore Project." The team of musicians and engineers is manifesting. And we just need the funds to move forward. Obviously, this project is much bigger than all of my previous albums, so we are going to need to raise more funds. And so we have created a whole bunch of new fun titles and packages to inspire your giving nature:

MOST FAVORED FAN: Donating $10 makes you a Most Favored Fan.
FRIEND OF THE BAND: Donating $30 gets you a personalized and signed copy of the new CD way before anyone else gets it, aka The Pre-Order.
ROADIE: Donating $50 gets you a signed and numbered limited edition copy of the "Sacred Whore Demos" (some of which you've heard on MySpace) plus a personalized and signed copy of the new CD way before anyone else gets it.
COLLECTOR: Donating $100 gets you the Pre-Order and the Demos, but also (this was Littlebird's fabulous idea!) a signed and numbered copy of the limited-edition CD single, bound, an old marathon of a song, an extended vocal techniques performance art-ish Kristi rarity, released previously only on the live concert tape "With Mouth and Hands." Me and the NYC band and Denise went into the studio to record "bound" in December 2002. The 100 copies of the single are here now -- well, there's almost 70 left. We will never reprint this limited edition single, so get it now while it is still available.
NEXT OF KIN: Donating $300 gets you the Pre-Order, The Demos, the bound single, plus your name in the credits!
PATRON SAINT: Donating $800 gets you all of the above PLUS two tickets to a Sacred Whore CD Release Party in Rhode Island, New York City, or San Francisco, and two tickets to a Rhode Island or Connecticut concert that includes a live video shoot that will be used to make the documentary.
ANGEL: Donating $3,000 gets you all of the above PLUS a one-day VIP pass to the studio in Connecticut with me and whatever fantastic musicians, actors, dancers, and crew happen to be working with me that day, during the making of the "Sacred Whore" album, videos, and film. You may even get interviewed and be included in the documentary!
***ANY donation amount at all (really -- from 8¢ to $8,000!) helps, and gets you a special place in my heart!***

All of these ways to help and more are at Kristi's help page.

That's right. We are going to release a signed and numbered limited edition (300 copies) release of the "Sacred Whore Demos." They are currently being designed and should be ready in about a month.

There are some new videos up on my kmetal video page: . One is from right after Littlebird died in 2003, and two are as recent as October! Go check them out and enjoy!

An old fan of mine emailed me out of the blue saying he made me a Facebook fan page! Thanks thanks thanks to Rick from Santa Cruz! Go check out the page and add mine to your own Facebook. My fan page is YOUR page! You can post comments and create a dialogue about a performance you saw or add photos you took at my shows...all on this page! Leslie added a photo from the March 8th Hi Hat show. :)

Thanks so much to everyone who came out for our snowdate on March 8th at the Hi Hat! What a beautiful and powerful night of connecting and music and fun! The show was such a great success that we decided to book another for April, even though the only available night was a Wednesday, the 22nd. We are hoping to get a Thursday night in June and maybe even a Saturday night in the future, once we prove that we can pack the place and make it worth their while. Please come on out in support of that effort, on a school night, to hear me and the baby grand and my special guest backing vocalist Angela Romans who just learned the Def-Leppard-like backing vocals for the song "Sacred Whore," for this special night. :) Mark your calendars!

Wednesday April 22, 2009
The Hi Hat
3 Davol Square
Providence RI
Check out their menu online. Free parking.
Doors at 5pm, Music at 7:30pm, $10 at the door.

See you out there!
Be peace y'all,

7:17 PM

Sunday, March 01, 2009
Hallo Hibernating New Englanders!

We are officially confirmed for a show at The Hi Hat on March 8th to make up for tonight's snow cancellation. You can view the press release here. Mark your calendars:

Me & Kevin Silvia (
at The Hi Hat (
3 Davol Square
Providence RI
Doors open at 5pm
Music starts at 7:30pm
$10 at the door

We can't wait to see you all there! The Hi Hat is a swanky jazz club with a large stage and a baby grand piano, a lovely layout with circular booths and two beautiful bars, yummy food, and abundant free parking. So go check out their menu and get directions at their website.

It's been so long since I've had a Little Rhody show - I am so happy for this reunion! I will have my keyboard in addition to the baby grand, and Kevin on guitar and backing vocals, so if you have any songs of mine that you have been just dying to hear me play live and you are going to be at this show, send me an email with your request, and I will try to make it happen. See you there!

Love & hot chocolate on this icy snowy March night,

8:29 PM

Saturday, February 28, 2009
Hallo Beautiful New England People!

I am so sorry to report that the Hi Hat and Kim and I just decided to CANCEL tomorrow night's show due to expected inclement weather. I hate to do it, but I really want you all to be safe at home in the snow storm.

We are hoping to reschedule the show for next Sunday, March 8th. I will send out an email and post details here as soon as we know for sure.

I so hope you can all come to the rescheduled show instead!

Love & warmth for the late winter storm,

8:32 PM

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Hallo my fine friends!

We are so happy to get these details to you! You can view and print the press release here.

Me & Kevin Silvia (backing vocals & guitar)
at The Hi Hat
3 Davol Square
Providence RI
Doors open at 5pm
Music starts at 7:30pm
$10 at the door

We can't wait to see you all there! The Hi Hat has a large stage with a baby grand piano, a lovely layout with circular booths and two beautiful bars, yummy food, and abundant free parking. So go check out their menu and get directions at their website. It's been so long since I've had a Little Rhody show - I am so happy for this reunion! If you have songs of mine that you have been just dying to hear me play live and you are going to be at this show, send me an email with your request, and I will try to make it happen. See you there!

Love & peace,

P.S. There's this little interview I did on Brattleboro VT community radio's "This Show Is So Gay" that you can hear here. Check it out!

9:04 PM

Wednesday, February 04, 2009
Hallo Good People!

Well, plans do change! We were working on a January date at a new-to-us venue with a lovely vibe and piano for our beloved Providence, but their rental fee would have made seats way too expensive, so we looked elsewhere. We found that our old favorite Hi Hat has a new sound engineer, which makes that room perfect for us now! We are very happy to return to the Hi Hat and to (finally!) announce a Little Rhody Show for you! I will perform at the Hi Hat on Sunday, March 1st, so mark your calendars now, and when I have all the details, I will pass them on to you.

We also ended up not moving as planned! Things just didn't work out with the new place. One of the consequences of this almost-move is that the Sealed Lip Records Post Office Box was returning mail most of the month of January. If you sent something our way and it got returned to you, our humble apologies. Please resend it. When you do, we will get it. Our Post Office Box is fully functional once again.

We had wonderful winter holidays. We hope you did too. We cried so many tears of joy while watching Obama's inauguration. Plans for the Sacred Whore album and videos are moving more slowly than we had hoped, largely because of the slower economy. Nonetheless, we are making steady progress. We are meeting engineers and visiting film and sound studios in RI, CT, and NYC, and we will be in Los Angeles meeting musicians, producers, agents, and publicists in early March. We hope to assemble our team and pick our location very soon, and as soon as we raise all the necessary funds, I'll be in the studio!

Be peace y'all,

8:23 PM

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