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Saturday, December 30, 2006
Guess what???
As of 22 December 2006, my song "Littlebird's Flight" is featured on NPR's Open Mic!!! We're so excited we've been jumping up and down for a week!
Go check it out!
Happy New Year!
Be Peace,

10:27 PM

Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Hallo friends & fans!
My show at Felt in Boston on Thursday was fantastic! A whole lot of Sealed Lip Records folks were there, and some press folks were there, and you were all there, and well, we had a very beautiful night, welcoming the return of the sun. And I was very happy to have Tony Lee Thomas as my special guest. We debuted the newest incarnation of "Give," as well as our new arrangement of my newest song, "Blessed Community." It's SO full of beautiful vocal harmonies and gets SO stuck in both our heads all the time. And a couple other special guests -- fellow Ravengirl Angela Romans and KMT's bassman Kurt Meyer -- also joined me on a few songs. Thanks so much for celebrating with us!

I have happy news: I will be playing at Bright Night on New Years Eve, solo (but w/ special guests) at 7pm at Perishable Theatre.
KMT will be performing at True Brew in Wakefield on January 27th.
But my next Providence-area gig after that will be April 14th at Stone Soup, and I hope to see you all there!

Last week, Brian Jewell interviewed me for Bay Windows, and they published it last Thursday. He got me talking about "Littlebird's Flight." It's fantastic! :)

NPR has asked to feature me and my song, "Littlebird's Flight," on their Open Mic. I recorded a little intro to the song last week, and I will let you know as soon as they let me know when it's going to happen. But you can keep checking that link to see when my face is at the top of that page. I can't wait!

There are some new songs up on my myspace. "Blessed Community" from the WERS live performance and interview, "Hooker" and "Ravengirl" live from RavenFest(!), and "Littlebird's Flight" from my new album "Ravengirl." :) Go check them out!

Sealed Lip Records has its own little Reca Sto at! Check it out!

The Sealed Lip Records Crew page is all special and complete now!

And soon there will be an extensive photo gallery at, thanks to our newest intern, Tina Sierra. Yay, Tina!

And hey! There's a live album in the works! Stay tuned!

And guess what? The tall plastic chicken that stands out in front of the chicken licka sto is BACK! Apparently, it was away for a new paint job. Its side no longer reads, "USA: Love it or Leave it!" Instead, it is pure white, with green feet and a green wattle and a red comb. So's a Christmas chicken!

Happy Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hanukah! Happy Winter! Happy Solstice!

See you out there!
love & light y'all,

8:51 AM

Thursday, December 14, 2006
Dear Providence Fans,
I am SOOOOOOOOO sorry that I haven't played in Providence since RavenFest! And I am SO sorry to have to cancel our January 2, 2007 Providence gig! We have had too much trouble with the venue to be able to go through with the show. We are still hoping that we will be playing at Bright Night on December 31st, and we will let you know as soon as we know. KMT will be performing at True Brew in Wakefield on January 27th, but my next Providence-area gig after that will be April 14th at Stone Soup, and I hope to see you all there!

In the meantime, come hear me at Felt in Boston on December 21st, with special guest Tony Lee Thomas. We'll be debuting our new duet version of my newest song, "Blessed Community." I can't wait for you to hear it. I may have a few other special guests as well. And LOTS of the Sealed Lip Records Crew will be there. It will be a very special night, welcoming the return of the sun. I hope to see you all there. And I apologize that I am not playing in Providence as much, now that I am playing so many other places. I miss you! I can't wait to see you out there smiling back at me real soon!

love & light y'all,

10:16 PM

Monday, November 06, 2006
Hello my fine friends,
I am in Philly, gearing up for another open mic competition tonight, this time at World Cafe Live. This little tour started off with 600 miles to drive in two days, and a little show in DC that was fun and friendly. I've been in Philly with friends since Fri, and I'm actually getting to rest during this part of the tour! Wow! A rarity for the Kristibird. And I've even been a bit of a tourist this trip, visiting art galleries and monuments in Philly. The most powerful for me was the Irish Memorial, a relatively new monument telling the history of The Great Hunger. It is so important to me to learn about my ancestors. And it is utterly ironic to hear Americans complain about immigration, considering the fact that unless we are Native American, we are ALL immigrants or the children of immigrants in this country! One of my hosts, Tamara Diaz, has her paintings all over the apartment I am staying in. One of them is called Chicken-American. The chicken in it is trying to speak to us and none of us can understand her. But she is still very proud of who she is and of her American presence. There is a liquor store near my house that, until very recently, had a tall plastic chicken statue out front. I used to give people directions with the "chicken licka stow" as a landmark. But the chicken's side read, "USA: Love It or Leave It!" I believe we can love it and have a right to it, even if we don't agree with all its politics, even when its officials fail us, even when we hate the oppression and hunger we see in its people daily, even when we see its racism and classism and sexism reflected even in our own actions, even in our own eyes. Make your every action sacred. Go vote for who you believe in. Or don't go vote, because you don't believe in the people and system in place at this time, and instead do your part to change our place into a place you love wholeheartedly.
See you out there.
Be peace y'all,

1:12 PM

Thursday, October 26, 2006
Hallo good people!

Ravengirl Now Available Online...
I am SO happy to tell you that as of today, my brand-spanking new CD Ravengirl is available to purchase online! You can hear a bit of every song on the album at its CD Baby page. Or you can call CD Baby directly at 1-800-BUY-MY-CD . Go do it now. You need it. And if you've already been listening, you already know how gorgeous it is -- please go write a review over at the cd baby page to to tell the world all about it. :)

If you were there you know, RavenFest was one of the best nights ever. I am still hearing and seeing all of it in my mind and beaming from its specialness. Every performer played exquisitely. Everyone I talked to was SO happy to be there. The vibe of the room was all joy and beauty and connection and love and excitement. My band is AMAZING. I wish I could play with the full band every night. Wow.

Highlights for me were getting to do "bound" with its CD drummer Rich Kulsar, getting to do all the songs that I wrote cello parts for with cellist Miya Perry, especially "The Maiden and Her Master," which hasn't been performed with cello since 1994, hearing Nisha Purushotham perform the backing vocal on "The Maiden" so beautifully, hearing Nisha's fantastic bongo solo on "Aged," getting to do "Hooker" with grand piano and keyboard and drums and percussion, hearing Kurt Meyer's stellar trainwreck bass playing on "The Third Death," hearing how great Angela Roman's and Miya's vocals sounded on "Littlebird's Flight," hearing Kevin Silvia's guitar solos on "Ravengirl," having Nisha on keys for "Littlebird's Flight" and "Photophobia," and hearing all of us listening so beautifully on the newest incarnation of "Give."

I have so many favorite moments from RavenFest: walking in to Mary Ann Rossoni's beautiful playing and to the general vibe of positivity, playing "For Josh," playing "Rise." Singing with Kellianna on one of my favorite of her songs, "Stonehenge." Singing with Tony Lee Thomas on my favorite of his songs, "Southern Girl." Getting people to dance on "Crossing Into Dreams." The magick in the newest version of "Give," which Tony joined us on. Seeing my father be so happy and proud for so many hours.

One of my absolute favorite stories of the night is that a man called the Hi Hat during the show and got to speak with my archivist/merchandise queen, Lisa. He asked how he could get a copy of the CD. She asked which one. He said, "the one with the Brazilian influences." She said he must mean "Ravengirl," and he agreed. She asked where he was located, could he come to the show. He said he was 94 and in a wheelchair. Lisa said she'd send him the CD. I am so happy hearing from all the very different people who are touched by my music. I am so thankful.

Lots of magick that night. I am so happy for everyone who was there. We had so much fun. My archivist took 411 photos that night! You can see just a few of them at my myspace. There's a great photo of the whole band. :) Other photos and video (!) and audio (!) were captured. It will be a long while before anything comes of it, but know that something good is in the works, and I will let you know as soon as I know what it is.

Here is my 7-piece band's RavenFest Set List.

Set #1:
1. Oya!
2. Day of Rain
3. Autumn Nightwork
4. Silver, requested by Julie (Joog), who flew out from CA for RavenFest
5. Even Free, requested by Jess & my father
6. broken
7. For Josh
8. Aged, requested by Julie
9. Fly
10. My Torn In Two
11. The Maiden and Her Master
12. Hooker
13. Rise
14. Through That Door, requested my Lisa, who flew out from CA for RavenFest
15. bound
16. Harder Than Dying
17. Into the Fog
18. Dear Emily - requested by Leslie, my booking queen
19. Carry Me - requested by Kim, my manager
20. The Third Death
21. Wishes (Full of Grace)

Set #2:
1. See You Sweet
2. My Name
3. Hands - requested by Julie
4. Road Song - requested by Lisa
5. Ravengirl
6. Littlebird's Flight
7. Photophobia
8. Crossing Into Dreams
9. Give - requested by Julie

Mid-Atlantic Tour...
I am heading a little south next week, playing shows in DC and Philly before heading to upstate NY for the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference and then back to Boston and Providence... There are many folks in the DC and Philly area whom I have not seen in YEARS. I would LOVE to see you at these shows! See the schedule to the left.

See you out there!
love & light y'all,

11:50 AM

Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Hey! I won! I just did the Lizard Lounge open mic challenge in Cambridge MA. What a great room! Lots of great musicians played tonight. And I won the challenge! This means that I got a little cash...but way more importantly, it means that I will be playing a full set at the Lizard Lounge sometime soon. I can't wait! Thanks everybody who was there making the show so friendly and musically interesting! You rock! And thanks to the judges for digging my music. :)
be peace y'all,

1:37 AM

Monday, September 18, 2006
Kristi's OFFICIAL Ravengirl CD Release/ SLR 10th anniversary:



Sealed Lip Records Presents

a celebration of
Kristi Martel's new CD "Ravengirl" &
Sealed Lip Records' 10th Anniversary

When: Sunday, October 22nd 2006
Where: The Hi Hat Jazz Club 3 Davol Square Providence RI 02903
Venue Contact: 401-453-6500
Time: Doors open at 5pm, Music happens from 6pm to 11pm
Who: The Kristi Martel Band! opening acts include Mary Ann Rossoni, Spogga, Jen Minuto, Kevin Silvia, Kellianna, and Tony Lee Thomas
Cost: $15 in advance, $20 at the door.
Advance tickets are available through Art Tix online at, via phone at 401-621-6123, or in person Mon-Fri, noon-6pm at 10 Dorrance St Providence 02903. General seating is limited; arrive early for best seats.

About Kristi Martel...
"Kristi Martel loves life, and the joy she gets out of it exudes from her every pore. She can be singing about the darkest things in the world -- betrayal, self-hate, death -- and yet somehow, coming from her, it feels hopeful and uplifting." -- Marion Davis, Motif Magazine

" emanates from every note." - Vienna Teng

"...a fine musician...Incomparable!" - Utah Phillips

Voted Best Alt-Rock Female Vocalist of Rhode Island in 2006 by Motif Magazine, award-winning songwriter and avant-soul piano diva Kristi Martel grew up in New England and earned an ASCAP grant and two music degrees (Bard and Mills College) before beginning her touring and recording career. Her sweet presence and fearless songwriting endear audiences nationwide. Her piano playing combines her love of blues dissonance and syncopation with her classical training. Her powerful voice is at once sweet and bitter, emotional and visionary, articulating prayers and quirky autobiographical narratives in the same breath. Through Sealed Lip Records she has released five CDs, most recently the demos for her forthcoming studio album, Ravengirl.

About The Kristi Martel Trio...
Kristi has wanted to add a rhythm section to her live performance for years. Nisha Purushotham is a freelance percussionist and artistic director of Rhythm and Roots, a youth program focused on the study and performance of Afro-Caribbean percussion. Kristi met Nisha in 2004 at AS220's Broad Street Studio and recruited her to accompany Kristi at RI Pride in June 2005 with such success that they agreed it was only the beginning. Kristi met Kurt Meyer when she was searching for a fretless and upright bass player for her forthcoming album Ravengirl, and the trio had so much fun working on the album that they decided to keep playing together. Kurt loves to play bass with good people who make great music, and says that Kristi is GOOD PEOPLE!!! The audiences will tell you how tight the music is, and how remarkable it is to witness the trio's apparent joy working together.

About the Kristi Martel Band...
For RavenFest, Kristi intends to represent the arrangements she created for her album, Ravengirl, which means expanding the Trio to an 8-piece band! In addition to the Trio, Kevin Silvia, lead guitarist and long-time friend of Kristi's, is the only other "Ravengirl" studio musician joining her for RavenFest. Kristi recruited her "Brave Enough" and "The Mule" studio drummer, Rich Kulsar, from NYC, to play for this special event. Brown student Miya Perry will be performing on cello. Kristi performed all of the backing vocals on the album herself, so she recruited two former members of WomanSpiritRising: a feminist chorus, Angela Romans and Kristie Speck, to reproduce those backing vocals live. The result is extraordinary.

About Ravengirl...
Kristi Martel 's former life partner, Amy Caroline "Littlebird" Nuara, died by suicide in August 2003. Kristi and Littlebird had just made plans to move from California back to Rhode Island, because Littlebird liked Providence from her years at RISD, and Kristi missed her homestate. They had also just finalized plans for Kristi's next CD project, "The Mule." Littlebird's death changed just about every aspect of Kristi's life, but she managed to follow through with those two plans, moving to RI in November 2003 and recording "The Mule" in January 2004. Although she could not write new songs for 11 months, Kristi began a list of song ideas that she knew would later become Ravengirl.

The first song Kristi wrote after Littlebird's death came from words Littlebird sent to Kristi through a medium. The next answered the hundreds of fan letters Kristi received, fearful that Kristi too would take her own life. The next was a response to Littlebird's family and friends who had blamed Kristi for Littlebird's death. The next became the title track, a song expressing the miracle of healing trauma through feeling the pain. Kristi kept noticing that she still felt joy every day, in spite of the huge and traumatic loss and grief she also experienced. She noted it, she counted the blessing, and she came up with the goofy joke version that she must be some kind of superhero to still be able to experience joy. Her superhero name is Ravengirl. And the album, with its 7 tracks written before Littlebird's death and its 8 tracks written after, will break open your heart to feel your pain only to remind you that that is where you'll heal and find your joy.

About Sealed Lip Records...
Kristi Martel created Sealed Lip Music in 1994 as a publisher member of ASCAP, to maintain rights in all her scores and compositions. In 1996, she created Sealed Lip Records with the release of her first collection of songs, a homemade cassette tape, "4-track and live recordings," which sold out almost right away. In 1998, SLR released a live concert tape, "With Mouth and Hands," which also sold out within a year. In 2000, SLR released its first CD, a 4-song EP called "Give Me a Little’Ķ," which just sold out its second printing. In 2001, SLR released Kristi's first full-length CD, "Brave Enough," to rave reviews. In 2003, SLR released a limited edition signed and numbered CD single, "bound," and reprinted "Brave Enough" to prevent its selling out. SLR released Kristi's second full-length CD, "The Mule," in 2004. SLR released "Quaint & Curious Ravendemos," a second limited edition signed and numbered CD, in 2005, as a fundraiser for her forthcoming studio album, Ravengirl.

Photos are available at

11:16 PM

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Hallo good people!
I am so sorry I don't write here so often. I keep intending to write here once a month, but I keep working so much on the actual music, and on the business of presenting it to you all, that I don't always get to sit and ramble to you.

Last month's Blackstone Club show brought two unexpected events: 1) Zawadi didn't show up, so KMT (that's the Kristi Martel Trio!) performed a second set, and 2) two of our newest fans are metal-heads! Cool! I like how that ties in to the fact that my website is called :)

I got to go to the New Bedford Summerfest for the first time on July 1st. It was the best festival I've ever been to! I saw SO many fantastic musicians! Highlights include John Gorka, April Verch, Lori McKenna, and Le Vent du Nord. And the wares! Raelinda Woad makes these special special tiny little books filled with stories she wrote and bound by hand and covered in intricate metalworks of dragons and beads and dragonflies and faeries. Rhonda Fazio makes these GORGEOUS hand-dyed silk scarfs and sarongs using natural dyes! And Deirdre Oringer is a silversmith who makes some of the most beautiful funky jewelry I've ever seen using semi-precious stones and hearts and stars and swirls. And I think one of the most amazing things that happened that day happened in the first moments of my arrival. One of the first people I spoke with was a Celtic merchant who saw me and said to me in his beautiful brogue, "ah, so you're a ravengirl, then...a morrigan..." I said yes, just a bit stunned. I told him how my next album was actually named Ravengirl. And he asked if I was playing that day and if I'd be at Falcon Ridge Music Festival. Pretty remarkable. I can only assume that he saw my raven tattoo and connected it instantly with the Celtic folklore. I SO hope I get to play at Summerfest next year.

I am SO sorry if anyone tried to see me at Brewed Awakenings on July 8th. I wasn't there. I found out that day that a series of communication errors meant that the gig was not happening, and I found out too late to warn you all. So, my humblest apologies if you went out and were disappointed. We try never to let that happen here at Sealed Lip Records! And we do get it right most of the time, but we're human and not everything is in our control.

On July 15th I traveled up to western Vermont for Solarfest. What an amazing sustainability festival! The sense of community and the authenticity of their practice of sustainability were so rich and made the whole weekend so much fun. I am so happy I got to go up there. I met some really great people. I played my song, "Photophobia" (the song that made me a finalist in their songwriting competition) really well, and everyone loved it, but I did not win their competition. Next time, I say! I really enjoyed meeting the 9 other finalists. Lara Herscovitch and Tony Lee Thomas were probably my two favorites of the other finalists. Tony actually won 2nd place. And I stayed at a little inn a few miles down the road called, fittingly to my Ravengirl-ness, The Birdhouse Inn, a fabulous little place that I highly recommend if you are ever up that way.

On July 18 & 19 I got to see Osmany Paredes at the Black Rep. He is a phenomenal Afro-Cuban jazz pianist. I liked seeing him solo so much that I went back to see him with his trio the second day. Watching him play was completely mesmerizing for me. I was near tears the whole time, rapt. And the Black Rep was blessed with generous donations from audience members to help them keep the new grand piano in their cafe! I soooooo want to get my trio to perform there. You all might be able to help...if you like the Black Rep and want to see my trio perform there, let them know!

Meanwhile, check out all those great shows to the left in the tour schedule... Tomorrow morn I drive up to Bethlehem for the Highlands Inn show, and Monday I'll stop by the Red Parka Pub in Glen NH for their open mic, and Wednesday I'll stop by Middle Earth in Bradford VT for theirs. We're hoping those two open mic venues will be great places for me to play this fall as I tour the northeast in support of "Ravengirl." I've got two shows here in Little Rhody on Saturday, a show in Oxford MA on the 11th, and a show where I get to debut my brand new song written especially for the RISA songwriters in the round at AS220 on August 13th. The theme that July's audience chose for August's songwriters is "my space." You can read my new lyrics here: untitled. It doesn't have a name yet. If you think of something good, let me know. Please come on out to hear this song's debut. It's nerve-wracking playing a song for the first time -- I'd love to have friendly faces there to encourage me. Then on the 31st the trio is in Raynham MA and on September 1st we're in Pomfret CT, and on the 2nd I'm solo in Oxford MA again. So tell everyone you know and come on out for some excellent music from yours truly.

We're working on a new Ravengirl front page for this here website and some new banners that you will be able to put on your own website to link to my website and my myspace. Did you know I have a myspace? I have a little team working on it and making it fabulous! It's got Ravengirl outtakes and graphics and lots of live photos. Check it out! Leave a comment while you are there, and sign the guestbook while you are here. We love hearing from you and hearing what you like (or don't like) about the website!

I have the most fabulous news! I FINISHED THE GRAPHICS FOR RAVENGIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahooo!!! I am soooooo excited about how old school LP my new Ravengirl CD package feels. The audio got all mastered one day before I finished designing the graphics, and I put it all in the mail at 7pm on Friday July 7th. This means that they are working on it right now! I should have CDs in 3-4 weeks. To celebrate, friends and I watched the beginning of L Word's second season together. Hey, don't you think my music should be on the L Word? If any of you know anyone who works on that show, please let me know if we could somehow use your connection to get my CDs to them! I know they'd love it, if only they heard it. Whoa, how's that for a tangent?

Digital downloads are so strange. I still have records (yo!), and I love their sound and large packaging, even though they are a pain in the butt to move. But it's so worth it to have the artists' vision all laid out in front of you. CDs still do that, just in a smaller format. But when fans download mp3's, not only do they get a smaller sound file, which means they lose out on a bunch of the details of the sound, but also, they miss out on all that beautiful visual art in the packaging. It's interesting to me how convenience and quantity are overriding quality in our general consumerist mindset and habits. I am happy happy to sell digital downloads to all my fans who would never hear of me otherwise, as well as those who like that medium so much they prefer to buy downloads, as well as those who like to have BOTH the physical CD complete with its beautiful package AND the convenient downloads. I just also LOVE and feel very protective of and attached to all my CDs and records. (I never got too attached to tapes as a medium. They were a brilliant innovation that allowed consumers the ability to RECORD as well as PLAY music, but they don't last, and there's that quality thing again...I like things that last...)

So, I was pondering all this and looking at my digital downloads sales history and thought you might be interested in a few of the stats. Of the 4 albums that Sealed Lip Records has available for digital download, my album "Brave Enough" has sold the most digital downloads, as well as the most physical copies, with its 3 years on "The Mule." Littlebird's album "Angels Wait" has sold the second most digital downloads, even though it has sold the least physical copies. I sell WAY more downloads on Apple iTunes than ANYwhere else! I'm talking almost 3 times as much as all others combined! Wow! Go Apple iTunes!

So, keep buying digital downloads! You can use these direct links to buy downloads at Apple iTunes.
Kristi Martel's "Give Me a Little..."
Littlebird's "Angels Wait"
Kristi Martel's "Brave Enough"
Kristi Martel's "The Mule"
But also...keep buying actual CDs! They sound better and you get to see the artist's vision and in some cases lyrics and album credits and even notes on the songwriting! "Ravengirl" has a 16-page booklet of liner notes and lots of gorgeous artwork. You won't want to miss it! And if you pre-order it now you will get the Ravendemos right away and the real album in just 3-4 weeks! Just go to the h'elp page, and scroll down to where it says "Donate money toward the next CD!" and click on the "Earth Angel" link to order. It will take a lot longer for the album to become available for digital download, since the official release is not until October, and it won't go live on CD Baby until then, and it takes a while after that for the albums to get to all the digital distribution folks. I swear you're going to want to buy "Ravengirl" for everyone you know and their mother. :) And you can pre-order it without buying the Ravendemos too, just click the "Friend of the Band" button on that same help page: h'elp.

I am SO excited for you all to hear Ravengirl!

I hope to see you out there at a show real soon.
love and light y'all,

3:23 PM

Thursday, April 20, 2006
Wow - I am SOOOOOO behind in writing here on the tour diary. I'm sorry about that! I just can't keep up lately. Between booking and promoting and directing the chorus and moving(!) and trying to make Ravengirl a reality, I am pretty much always working! phew!

but, I got some important news to share...

I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been voted Best Alt-Rock Female Vocalist of 2006 by Motif Magazine!!!! Wahooooooooooo!!! Read all about it at Motif Magazine. I am so happy Becky Chace and Joanne Lurgio and Superchief Trio and Keith White also won stuff. Actually, looking over the winners, I am happy all of those folks won. It's almost like my own voting ballot matches the actual winners! (almost)

Please remember that I have also been nominated by the Providence Phoenix for Best Female Vocalist. It's not too late to cast your vote there!!! And while you're at it, write me in for other things, like best song or best album. :) Vote!

I just had a little Ravengirl Trivia Quiz through my email list...if you are on the list, you had the chance to win your very own copy of the limited edition homemade demos for the forthcoming album Ravengirl...It was a quiz you could mostly research this site to's the questions and answers...

1. What song on the album Ravengirl is the oldest?
Autumn Nightwork

2. What year was it written?

3. What song on the album Ravengirl is the newest?
Into the Fog

4. What year was it written?

5. How many of the songs on Ravengirl were written about Littlebird's death?
5 (Ravengirl, Littlebird's Flight, Harder Than Dying, Dear Emily, & Wishes (Full of Grace))

6. How many of the songs on Ravengirl were written to Littlebird when she was alive?
1...Crossing Into Dreams, but also the first verse and chorus of Wishes (Full of Grace) was written to Littlebird when she was alive.

7. What does "photophobia" mean in the song?
fear of light, fear of one's own light to be specific

8. Who is Oya?
Oya is an orisa (somewhat like a saint or a deity) from the Yoruba tradition, an earth-worshipping religion from Africa. She is the orisa of the winds of change, gatekeeper of cemeteries, lightning in the sky...I will be writing more about her for the liner notes of the album.

wahooo! Congrats to Melinda who will be getting her Quaint & Curious Ravendemos shortly.

And to all of you who don't have the Quaint & Curious Ravendemos yet.... why not? There are still more left. They await your donations. You can still pre-order Ravengirl quick and easy via PayPal (go to the h'elp page to find out more). Pre-orders will go out fairly soon and the official CD release is looking a bit further away. More details on that to come. Right now, there is a fantastic painting nearly completed for the album cover. The liner notes are about halfway done, and the mastering of the audio is almost done too. So it's almost ready to get duplicated. But I need to raise the funds to duplicate it... So please consider pre-ordering the CD or ordering your very own Quaint & Curious Ravendemos. Help make Ravengirl a reality! :)

I had lots of fun at lots of gigs last week! I am SO excited about my upcoming gigs, especially The Hi Hat gig on April 30th!!! Please come out to this swank club to hear the trio having so much fun making music we so love. It's our debut at the Hi Hat, and we want to make this gig a regular event for us (largely because of their baby grand), so please let the club know you want us there by coming to the show and staying a while. We're playing for four (4!) hours, so we need all the loving energy from the audience we can get!

Nisha will also be joining me at RISA showcase at Brooklyn Coffee and Tea. A friendly little listening room where lots of people like to hear me play their upright piano. I will be directing WomanSpiritRising: a feminist chorus at a Mother's Day rally at the state house on May 11th. And you can see my trio AND WomanSpiritRising debuting at another great venue, the Black Rep, on May 15th. And this one is a benefit for Planned Parenthood with host band Janus Code -- can't wait!
love and light y'all,

10:49 PM

Saturday, January 14, 2006
Wahoooooo!!! So much good stuff happening! I spent the first week of the new year in the new studio I'm working at in Connecticut, Signature Sounds. We recorded everything (Everything!) for the next album Ravengirl in 7 days (well, 6 days of recording with one day "off" in the middle). The first day we recorded 'broken,' 'For Josh,' 'Into The Fog,' 'Littlebird's Flight,' and 'Photophobia.' The second day we recorded 'Day of Rain,' 'Crossing Into Dreams,' 'Autumn Nightwork,' and 'Harder Than Dying.' The third day we recorded 'Dear Emily (2 Days),' 'Wishes (Full of Grace),' 'Ravengirl,' and 'Third Death.' The fourth day i went home and listened to everything to take detailed notes to help us edit more quickly on the fifth day. The sixth day we recorded cello overdubs on 'Wishes (Full of Grace),' 'Harder Than Dying,' 'Into The Fog,' 'Autumn Nightwork,' and 'For Josh,' then we recorded Hammond organ and Rhodes keys on two songs, then we recorded vocal overdubs on 6 songs(!). And on the seventh day, we recorded guitar overdubs on 3 songs, the new version of Give, and percussion overdubs on 4 songs. Now I'm listening up a storm so that we can edit and mix everything the first week of February. I can't wait! Everything is sounding fantastic!!!

Meanwhile, I need to pack up all my possessions again. I'm moving, only 2 miles this time, because my landlady is a bit crazy. I am hoping beyond hope that this move will be the last for a good long while. Sadie and the Sealed Lip Records office and me are Tired of moving.

And meanwhile, I need to get a haircut, schedule a photo shoot, develop a bunch of film, and design a bunch of graphics, so I can get Ravengirl to the duplication house, so you can all hear the amazing album that is to come!


And did you see that I'm performing in NH on February 1st? I am so happy! I wanted to play at the Press Room starting when I was 17. Now, so many years later, I am finally playing there for the first time. And my birthday is next week! And I'm starting to plan some CD Release shows. And...

shut me up already.
Happy New Year!
love and light,

8:55 PM

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