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Saturday, November 19, 2005
Hey everybody,
I just had a FANTASTIC show at Blackstone River Theatre in Cumberland RI last night. It was soooooo much fun! We played in the round, which means four songwriters were on stage at once, each taking a turn playing a song. We did four rounds. I had never heard Keith White's music before, but he is hysterically funny, and I was next after him in the sequence of turns. So I had so much fun trying to match the theme of his song with a song of mine to play next. It was insane! His first song was about the plight of Cookie Monster now that cookies are a 'sometimes treat.' It was a really well-crafted song, and he did it totally deadpan, so it was a riot. The audience was laughing out loud the whole time. And I was so searching for what to play, then it hit me -- 'Even Free' deals with body image in children and women, and his song dealt with obesity in children and compulsive eating habits. So it actually matched. It was sooooooooo funny! Next round he played a love song, that was actually more serious, for his wife, and I played 'Road Song,' probably the only true love song I've written. Then he did a song that he had written for a monthly songwriters in the round event that Rhode Island Songwriters Association puts on. At that monthly round, the audience picks a theme for next month's songwriters to use to write a brand new song! The theme for his month was 'an old '66 Buick.' I am SO glad that was not the theme when I played the show! My theme was 'envy.' And I had actually just written 'Photophobia' and so used that (with permission from the host) as my 'envy' theme song, since it is about envy and I didn't think I could pull off writing two envy songs. So I played 'Photophobia' after his Buick song. On the final round he played a song about Santa, donkeys, and some government official whose name I forget because I just can't keep up with all the names of all the idiots at the White House. It was a hysterically funny song about Santa using donkeys instead of reindeer and it was a political satire! toooo funny! And I was baffled as to what to do next. Then Heather Rose, the first in our round's lineup, said, "Don't you have a donkey on one of your album covers?" And I said, no, that it is a mule, but that I felt obligated to play 'The Mule' because of Keith's donkey song. It was toooooo funny! I was amazed that I actually had songs that linked to his so well. I was so entertained. Everyone played so well. And the audience loved it all. And I got to sign a bunch of CDs. It was soooooo fun.

So really, there are only 24 copies of Give Me a Little... left. If you want one, now is the time! And you know about my holiday sale, right? Go to CD Baby to do all your holiday shopping! And don't just buy my fabulous CDs for your friends and family's Craig Werth's "Loose Gems," and Denise Barbarita's "Chaos & Congeniality," and Kristin Hersh's "Live at Noe Valley Ministry," because you will love them!

all good things,

11:25 PM

Thursday, November 17, 2005
Hey, Hi!
I am sooooooo excited about the next album, Ravengirl. I just had the second rehearsal for the album with my percussionist Nisha Purushotham and my bass player Kurt Meyer. I am SO happy that we sound so fabulous already. I am really enjoying the fretless bass and all the fabulous textures of so many different drums and shakers: djembe, conga, djun djun, sekere, cabasa, rain stick, this thunder sounding thing I don't know the name of, tambourine, cymbal... It's amazing! We rehearsed Harder Than Dying, The Third Death, Ravengirl, Day of Rain, and Autumn Nightwork tonight, about a third of the album. I can't wait til we get a drummer in place and start rehearsing the songs that will involve kit. And there are 4 songs with no percussive element (except the piano). And I've got to get busy scoring parts out for my cellist! She was my cello teacher back about 13 years ago! Isn't that amazing? I haven't seen her in 13 years!


So I am so thankful. And I am thinking up all these sticker and tshirt ideas too... Let's just wait and see if I get the money together to manifest them!

Life is a beautiful thing, you know. Go enjoy it!

7:32 PM

Wednesday, October 19, 2005
I am sitting here very happy to be listening to one of my favorite new-to-me songs. It is called Something In Us All, and I feel like I could just listen to it for hours on end. Craig Werth's music is so comforting to me, and that one is my favorite on his album. I met him at Star Island last month, and I hope you will check him out. His music is so worth it.

I am tired from my trip and the rockstar's tendency not to sleep much. My trip was fabulous. Fans from CA and VA traveled to see me in NC. I played well both days. I only wish more people were at each show. The Tori Tribute show was at Bosendorfer Hall and I can't thank the owner enough for his generosity with us Tori Tribute folk and with kids in the area. He donates pianos to kids who don't have money to have one, so that they can take lessons at a non-profit that charges $1 per lesson! I am so proud of Ruggero Piano and Marty Suttle's work getting those kids lessons. All us Tori folk performed well. I especially enjoyed Christine Havrilla and Pura Fe's performances. I am so happy to have played Happy Phantom for my littlebird, Professional Widow for me, and Black Dove (January) for all of us survivors. And Ruggero's owner educated me about a few exclusive brands of grand piano that I hadn't heard of, and now I know that Fazioli is one of my favorites. :)

I got to hang out with friends I haven't seen in a long while. I got to touch a venomous snake. I got treated like a star. All good things.

I played a really unusual set on Sunday, and it felt great. I rarely play some of these songs and rarely in the order I played them...

1. Day of Rain
2. Silver
3. Rise
4. Littlebird's Flight
5. Ravengirl
6. Through That Door
7. bound
8. Harder Than Dying
9. Photophobia

Cool, right? I was impressed that I played bound as well as I did, considering how long it's been since I played it. And it just felt good to play my new songs for old fans. So I had fun and now I'm preparing for two excellent shows next week, including resting my voice and my mind and my heart and my hands.

Take good care of yourselves.
love and light and falling leaves,

7:03 PM

Friday, September 30, 2005
I'm gearing up to go into the studio, planning arrangements, finding musicians, planning studio time, practicing. I am really really excited for this next album, Ravengirl. I am excited to be working with one of my all-time favorite songwriter's favorite engineers, Steve Rizzo, at his gorgeous studio in Portsmouth RI. You can hear samples from the Ravendemos on the recordings page, just give 'em some time to load. And I'll keep you posted on my progress on the check back here...

Meanwhile, I'm teaching a lot and loving directing the chorus WomanSpiritRising and playing various gigs and booking various others. Next one is in Providence on October 7th. Then I'm off to NC to play again at the Tori Tribute and RAINN benefit. I've been practicing Black Dove (January), Professional Widow, and Happy Phantom like mad. Then I'll play an originals show before heading back home. My trio is having its Massachusetts debut on October 26th and then WomanSpiritRising is playing a fabulous hurricane fundraiser on the 27th. So October looks fun and busy!

Star Island was AMAZING. I had time to reflect on two years since Littlebird's death. I had time to soak in the spirit of the island and resolve to go there every summer. I met so many kindhearted and talented poets and songwriters. We shared our work and inspiried each other. I saw all the sunsets and sunrises. It was truly painful to leave.

I love autumn! Are you going apple picking? I sure hope so!


10:20 AM

Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Ooof! I have got to write something here before the month of August is gone! I have been SO busy! Things I have done this month...

1. moved me, my cat Sadie, all my things, and Sealed Lip Records, to my new home in Providence RI

2. unpacked and arranged all of my things into my new kitchen, bedroom, SLR office, music room, and fireplace room

3. honored my former life partner's 2nd death day

4. planted 19 sunflower seeds and 8 morning glory plants and tried not to let my houseplants die during the move

5. celebrated my pépère's 80th birthday

6. rehearsed and debuted my brand-spanking new trio(!) consisting of Nisha Purushotham on percussion and Tony Teixeira on bass

7. received almost all the Quaint & Curious Ravendemos I ordered and mailed them out to all the pre-order-er's and raised four fifths of the money I need to record and duplicate the next album Ravengirl

8. practiced meditation and visited my meditation teacher at Moonstone Beach

9. rehearsed WomanSpiritRising: a feminist chorus for our next big show in Peacedale RI on September 18th

And that's not everything! Stay tuned for updates about my progress with the new CD and upcoming performances including a mini tour to NC for the Tori Amos Tribute Concert and RAINN Benefit on October 15th. And it's not too late to get your Ravendemos! Go to the recordings page for more info.

Be blessed!

8:35 PM

Tuesday, July 19, 2005
WOW! So...there's just too much good news lately to know where to begin! I'm so happy and excited about it all! I have made it to the NEMO Emerging Artist Competition Semi-Finals! I'll be performing with 4 others on Wed July 27th at Starbucks on Angell St in Providence to get judged. eeep and yay! If I win, I'll get a fancy guitar and a spot in the finals at Paradise Lounge in Boston on September 14th! Please keep me in your hopes and prayers! :)

And...introducing...QUAINT & CURIOUS RAVENDEMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kevin and I finished the demos for my next studio album! Here's the track list:

1. Day of Rain
2. Autumn Nightwork
3. Crossing Into Dreams
4. broken
5. For Josh
6. Harder Than Dying
7. Littlebird's Flight
8. Ravengirl
9. Phophopho
10. Photophobia
11. Third Death
12. Wishes (Full of Grace)
13. Littlebird's Flight (radio edit)

Go to recordings to find out how to get your copy and to hear a sample...


And now you can buy mp3 downloads of your favorite Kristi single songs or whole albums at places like Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, and Mperia!

And I'm moving me and Sealed Lip Records to Providence. The new place is fabulous and there is a ton of work I need to do for the should get going now...and...stop procrastinating...

love and light,

2:19 PM

Friday, June 17, 2005
ooooooo-eeeeeeeee! What an amazing week I have had! My trip to California was phenomenal! Sure both of my travel days were way too long because one flight was cancelled and one flight was delayed. And because I was there such a short time, I packed way too many things into just two days of visiting so many long-missed friends and places. But I had so much fun and received so much love and support from KPFA and so many fans that I am just amazed and feel so very blessed. I got to see all the new babies my friends have been having. I got to see most of my dear dear friends. I got to record a bunch of my new songs and a few old favorites at KPFA on their fabulous Yamaha grand piano! They interviewed me and had me read some favorite poetry and made me feel like a star! I will let you know as soon as I know when it will air. And they helped promote my show so well (as did the Guardian and the Chronicle) that over half the audience at my show Saturday night had never seen me live before. They packed that little cafe to hear me sing and play the cafe's new piano. I played all 7 of my brand new songs and a whole bunch of old favorites. And that same day, I played Silver, Promise, Carry Me, and Give at a friend's wedding. What a beautiful ceremony! And what an amazing way to hear my songs anew! It totally made sense, even though I wouldn't have thought of putting them in a wedding ceremony before. Their wedding was gorgeous. Whenever I meet the person I want to marry, their ceremony will definitely have an impact on how I plan my own!

In other extraordinary news, fundraising has begun for Ravengirl, the next album, and it has started off with a most generous donation from one most generous fan. I think the album will manifest a lot sooner than I had hoped because of this. I am so very excited. The demos should be done in the next month. And I will let you all know when you can start ordering your copy. It will be a limited edition...and I haven't decided how much it will cost yet...but I'll let you know!

Stay tuned!
be blessed,

11:45 AM

Friday, May 20, 2005
I can't even explain how busy I've been! I had a fabulous time up in NH at Highlands Inn last weekend. I met some wonderful new friends who took me on a hike 2 miles up and 2 miles down a steep mountain to a gorgeous lake. I played a fabulous show to a small group of listening women who really connected with my music. Then I came home to Carmina Burana every night but one for a week! What an intense piece to sing for three hours a night! I met the orchestra and their maestro and the soloists and had a lot of fun performing with all 200 people on stage at the VMA! Crazy that. Lots of people on not so huge a stage. My new friends (whom I met in NH) came down for the Saturday night performance of Carmina. A good week all around, but busy! I also testified in favor of marriage equality in Rhode Island at the House hearing on Wednesday. That was a major event for me, as it meant telling a room full of strangers my experience of Littlebird's death and how my trauma would have been far far less had we been able to legally marry. I told my story and then felt I could have curled up in a ball and cried for a good hour...but I am glad I did it. Exhausted, but glad. A fabulous article was written about me in RI's new art mag, Motif, this week. I'll get it up here on my site soon. And I just put my newest song lyrics up on my site: Wishes (Full of Grace). Right now I'm at home, working on my Littlebird memorial website, nursing a cold, resting up for a recording session on Sunday and more rehearsals and shows to come! I'm particularly excited about my trip to CA in June and playing both solo and with WomanSpiritRising at Rhode Island Pride! See you all out there!
love and light,

10:46 PM

Sunday, April 10, 2005
wowowowow! so...I had SO much fun at UNH Friday night. I love performing, and I especially love performing when the audience is listening and so with me the whole show. New fans told me they cried and are so happy to have had the chance to see me live before I get so famous they can hardly see me from their seats. Long-time fans told me how much they love the new songs and how amazing it is to see my performance change over the years. It is such a gift to share my music with you all and to hear from you how my music touches you. Thanks so much to everyone there that night!

2:21 PM

Thursday, March 17, 2005 attempt to write here more frequently worked for one month and then didn't work for a month-and-a-half, and now i'm trying again to get myself to write here about once a week. somehow it's easier to write here more frequently when i'm truly on the road touring. that doesn't make obvious logical sense to me, but having experienced it, i do know it's true. i just am focused on fewer things when on the road. when home, i'm booking, publicizing, rehearsing, performing, conducting, teaching, taking care of my space and my cat, and engaging in random social things, so the focus is more scattered. i think that's what it comes down to.


what a busy few weeks i've had! i performed 3 shows in 28 hours last weekend! i have never before felt so on tour while still sleeping in my own bed each night. i would guess that i performed for about 600 people in those 28 hours. it was fun and exciting and exactly what i am supposed to be doing. i got soooo much amazing feedback from so many fabulous audience members!

i debuted one of my newest songs (Photophobia) with Kevin at The Blackstone on Thursday night. it was a small crowd but we played really well and really enjoyed ourselves. we also played my new song Crossing Into Dreams. i really like it better with Kevin on guitar than just me solo piano and voice. Kevin and his brother Mike and i played a benefit for Amos House on Sat night. i got to be Perry Farrell, Joni Mitchell, Kurt Cobain, Graham Nash, Gordan Gano, Pat Benatar, Prince, Stevie Nicks and myself that night, as I sang lead on many cover songs. We had a lot of fun, and I got to see high school classmates I hadn't seen in 15 years! i am told i look exactly the same, but i don't believe it!

Sunday i played at The Goddess Show at this sweet jazz club, the Hi Hat. how nice it is to get to play a real and well-tuned piano. they have a fabulous green room and all the performers were amazing. i finally got to meet and hear Becky Chace and Jennifer Minuto. I loved watching Jennifer play the piano. I love Becky's voice. And she was sweet to share her mic with me when we all went up on stage for one last song together. I think everyone there had a blast. Then I rushed to my next gig at RISD Auditorium. I conducted WomanSpiritRising to open the two sets of amazing storytellers. What a fabulous day of women performing!

now i have a little break (sort of) before a couple more shows later this month and a few shows early on in April. i'm also going to do a song at the Stone Soup Hoot this Saturday, if anyone's interested in seeing me there!

more soon i hope!
happy spring!

1:54 PM

Friday, January 21, 2005
hey ho!
just a little note to let you know that i didn't get the fellowship. :( i don't yet know who did. that, and i just finished the last of the brownies, after a rehearsal with Kevin where we successfully rehearsed Another Angel, Aged, Ravengirl, Harder Than Dying, and You Thought You Were Great, without getting too distracted by our sillyness (click on the mp3 above to hear some of our sillyness). we actually finished at 11pm! Very Early for us two.
and tomorrow is my birthday! well, today, as it is after midnight.
blesses y'all,

1:11 AM

Monday, January 17, 2005
wahooo! so. i'm pretty darn happy about a number of good things right now. most exciting to me is that i have written another new song and i really really really love it. it's totally stuck in my head. i wish you could hear it on the website, but it's not recorded yet. you *can* read the lyrics. they are right here: Ravengirl. tell me what you think!!!

#2 happy thing is i had a ton of fun singing with WomanSpiritRising today at the Providence Public Library, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. i have always been so happy that of all the Monday holidays, my birthday falls near Dr. King's birthday. :) i Love singing freedom songs with the chorus. i met fabulous people and sang my heart out.

happy thing #3 is that i had a ton of fun singing with Kevin Silvia on Saturday at a show/recording/benefit for New Song Arts Center in Rockland MA. it was a surprise last minute gig for Kevin, and even more last minute that i'd sing with him. sorry i didn't warn y'all so you could come see it. it was soooo much fun. i didn't have my keyboard, so Kevin played a couple unexpected guitar parts for Rise and Carrying Stories (Rise sounded a little bluegrass-y instead of its usual ska-ness), and i sang harmonies on three of my favorite of his songs (In the Hazy Glow of the Mount'nous Horizon, Into the Sun, & You Thought You Were Great). You can hear You Thought You Were Great on his website if ya wanna... we were both very happy with how we performed everything, especially considering we'd never played Rise without my keyboard part before. we really enjoyed meeting the other musicians there too...particularly Ryan Fitsimmons...

happy thing #4 is that i put on Prince's new cd and danced all around my kitchen for a good hour while i made really yummy brownies and washed a bazillion dishes. put on your favorite music and dance sometime! you'll be happy you did!

is there a #5 happy thing? hmmmm...yes! my next cd is brewing. there's a bunch of songs ready for it already. here's some titles that might go on the next cd:
Third Death
Day of Rain
For Josh
Harder Than Dying
Littlebird's Flight
Autumn Nightwork
Crossing Into Dreams
and possibly a cover...possibly not...we'll see...most of those titles are definitely going on the cd...and there's a long list of other ideas that are still brewing, hoping to get their shot at getting on the record. they nag at me, wanting my time. Kevin and i are planning to start doing some homemade pre-release recordings of these songs, so they'll start showing up sooner than the full-fledged album...don't worry, i'll keep you posted.

friday's my birthday! i'm almost old! tee hee, just kidding. but i *am* older than most of you all think!

love and light,

11:03 PM

Sunday, January 02, 2005
okay so...i made a new years resolution to book more shows and write more blogs. :) it's been too long since i've written here! the holidays are such a whirlwind, and now they include far more grief than they used to for me. mostly, i was fine and enjoyed various festivities and gift-givings, but every once in a while i was hit by missing Littlebird and also my Grampy who died on New Years Day in 2002. since November i've been mentally celebrating new years and the anniversary of my return to Rhode Island. i've been back here a year! i've done SO much in that time:

I moved me, my cat, my piano, and all my other stuff 3,000 miles.
I found and moved into a lovely apartment.
I recorded my newest CD, The Mule.
I booked and performed a cross country tour with Sarah Woolf.
I joined the feminist chorus WomanSpiritRising.
I performed at the Boston Pride Festival.
I joined the faculty at the School of Vocal Arts.
I got a bunch of voice and piano students.
I won a bunch of honorable mentions in various songwriting contests.
I taught piano and voice classes at Broad Street Studio through AS220.
I booked and performed a bunch of shows.
I started building a whole new community of friends and fans here in Little Rhody.
I wrote three new songs, the first from Littlebird's perspective and shortly before her first Memorial Day.
I got through the first year after Littlebird's suicide and managed to celebrate that fact.
I performed on local television.
I created and scored a new arrangement of my theme song, Give.
I applied for a fellowship (which I'm still waiting to hear about...keep your fingers crossed!).
I started creating a Littlebird memorial website.
I did a bunch of website updates here on my own site too (and planned more of them!).
I arranged and scored a really great Namoli Brennet song for the chorus, and started teaching it to them.
I sold hundreds of CDs.
I started using Quickbooks to run my business. (eeeeee)
I started planning my next CD. :)

on New Years Eve, i performed three sets for Providence Rhode Island's Bright Night, an all ages festival of events to celebrate the coming of the new year. it was soooooo fabulous! i performed my solo set at 6 in The Arcade (my mom says The Arcade is America's oldest indoor shopping mall! - built in 1828). my friend Angela was my faithful roadie and merch girl. i couldn't have done it (at least not sanely) without her. then we went over to Grace Church to perform a bunch of spirted songs with the chorus. we sang about peace and freedom and the gifts of our ancestors. and we performed my new arrangement of Give better than ever before! twice!

what a beautiful way to end a long hard productive year! 2005's going to be even better.

and my Grammy and Pépère just celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary.

and i sang my song, Silver, in their honor on Friday night, since their anniversary was Thursday. i wrote Silver because i was inspired by their 50th wedding anniversary to write a little prayer for my own attainment of a wonderful long-term partnership.

and what else...

i'm gonna go to bed early tonight and make my red beet borscht tomorrow...and maybe some apple cake...and prepare my sightsinging class too...

more soon! i promise!
love and light and HAPPY NEW YEAR,

9:18 PM

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