Kristi's Tour Diary - Summer 2001

Tour Dates

Today is day 5 of the tour and the first moment I've had any time to reflect. I have two days off to play in Santa Cruz, and I'm going to sleep in! I'm tired from trying to do too many things at once. I feel the shows are going well. Stockton was tooooooo hot! I'd like to be selling more CDs. I just ate an artichoke with lemon and butter. I've wanted a beer each night but avoided it to avoid further dehydration. Not sleeping enough this week has dried my throat and eyes. Tonight I'm having a Red Tail Ale though - no show tomorrow. Three interviews this week. Tonight, a review of my two hour-long sets. I was SO on time tonight! I did Billie's "I Cover the Waterfront" and Lauryn Hill's "Everything Is Everything." Several people came just to see me. Two new fans came two nights in a row! People listened and clapped even though they were eating. I've been playing "Hooker" a lot this week and people seem to like it. Tonight I also did Joni's "All I want" because it so fits my travels and Scryabin's "Prelude pour la main gauche seule" because it's so fun to play left hand alone... The table next to me is 7 people talking about western medicine, cosmetic surgery, and sex changes. I have been waiting for my crepe for far too long. I want another beer and the crepe and to go to my friend's house to sleep. The waitress is ignoring me, but when I ask she says she's really sorry it's taking so long, that it's one of those nights. Maybe I'll wait and even get dessert just because the food is so good and it's free and I haven't been eating enough. I'm lighter and the beer is hitting me harder than I'm used to. I miss my new girlfriend tremendously. I've even told my audiences, and I've been playing her favorite songs. Today, my dad called right before I left town. My grandmother was there and asked my boyfriend's name. I told her my girlfriend's name and she said she couldn't hear me. I repeated it several times and she gave up, saying she'd never heard such a name and couldn't really understand what I was saying. I wish my chicken mozzerella feta sundried tomato pesto crepe would arrive. I'm famished. I'm tired and want to go home early enough not to completely annoy my hosts. eeeeeeeeeek.

It's hard to believe how hard it is to get work done on other people's computers. Someday I'll have a laptop, right? Trying to send press releases and confirm bookings while touring. Someday I'll have an agent, right?

My host and friend wants to walk on the beach before I leave but I need to get on the road. We talk and talk instead. It's so good to see her after over a year. She's planning to move to Germany so my next visit might be there. We pick from her collection of German postcards several I can use to send to my girlfriend. She insists I send one to her from every place I go on this tour. That's a lot of postcards! We eat, load the car, I leave. Bye, Alex. Bye, Malka the dog. Bye, Dave the butcher. I do believe I am going to need to award prizes to my hosts. I think Dave and Alex have already won the feeding-me-well award. But I'm only one week in...

drive drive drive 152 is beautiful land. 5 is ugly. I drive and drive and stop at a stand in Gilroy to buy fresh cherries that I eat ALL of on the 8-hour drive to San Diego. I eat nothing else. Stop to fill the tank, to pee, to do yoga, make pretty good time. traffic-free holiday. :)

I've never met my new host before. I know her cuz she mentions me on her site...she's a big music fan. She has Tori, Ani, Indigo Girls, Melissa, and Allette Brooks all over her walls. Amazing amounts of memorabilia. I give her two press photos to add to her framed collection.

I'm starting to receive lots of fan mail, just this year. I can still write everyone back individually, so I must not be famous yet. ;) And people are starting to contact me about interviews and booking. I must be doing something right!


Twiggs gig was disorganized and at the last minute I was asked to shorten my set because there was an extra perfomer. I was thanked and hopefully I'll have a longer set Saturday. I did 5 songs. I wrote like 4 set lists cuz the plan kept changing. eeeek. But the audience was very enthusiastic while I played, laughed all through Rise. My host, Lisa, taped my set, so I get to hear. She tapes every show she goes to and trades tapes online. At the show's end, 2 CDs were missing. SO strange that anybody'd take them... The booker, Johnny, covered one at least... traded CDs with one of the 4 other acts, jane and jason. they're great. We hung out with jane, jason, and Johnny for a while after the show. Johnny commented that my silver thermos was very phallic, so I pulled out my M.A.C. lipstick which always looks to me like either a small dildo or a large bullet to show him how well they match. He only half believed me when I answered that the thermos is only filled with throat coat tea and honey. We got into a huge discussion about gender, sex, and sexuality...very interesting debate about what defines each. I'll probably play there again in September. Lisa and I also talked music business stuff. Chairo, one of her 3 cats, just visited, but it's 4am now, and I need sleep.

at Twiggs at Twiggs
at Twiggs at Borders
I'm at 7 Black Cats before my show, and I want a beer, but I just don't usually drink before I sing...we'll see if it lasts. I like this bar. Tattooed woman bartender who carded me just to feel like she wasn't gonna get busted... She was shocked at my age. I just ordered a Pacifico Cerveza Clara...she knew that's what I wanted... It's been the tour beer. Everyone has served me that beer since Santa Cruz, and I'd never even had it before!

The drive here yesterday was fast. It rained in Tacson on 8. The desert's a trip. My hosts, Robin and Stuart, have this gorgeous house. They just bought it 3 months ago. This is the stop with two massage therapists! And a committee helping me decide what to wear. Because it's 7 Black Cats, I've got my cat eyes and tiger stripe shirt on. I've set up my mic and keys but not checked sound, and I made my set list. I'm gonna do bound tonight to go with the mood here: pool tables, cigarettes, beer and wine bar, tattooed Eleanor, women at the bar, pinup postcards under the glass on the bar's counter, loud music, beatup stage... some guitar guy is opening for me. I'll play an hour set at like 10:30, but it seems like it might turn into 11:30 and it was posted to start at 10pm...and i'm drinking beer.

I was so on at the last SD gig. Everybody said so. I channeled my anger - at getting a shorter set and less money than I deserve - into being...well...kickass. hah

Today, I sang Give a cappella live on KXCI, an indie Tucson station. It was cool. I surprised the two dj's. I've got another interview with them in two days.

Stuart and Robin just arrived and others are straggling in. Stuart just massaged my hands and arms and I think, I get to tour with a massage therapist someday, right? Robin's mom wants to be the one.

The guy opening for me is pretty good, but typical. He looks like Aerosmith, like the 70's. Comparatively, I look space-aged. But his music doesn't make me cringe at all, so I'm happy, but tired. My throat is tired, and I feel it during my set, although I don't imagine it's audible... Eleanor apologizes profusely for lack of attendance. She loves my set, buys my CD, invites me back... One attendee told me he came because he heard my radio performance. And one attendee invited me to play at her bar tomorrow night...

I went to Double Zero tonight to play. I had a feeling it might not happen, and when I got there it was closed. I walked over to 7 Black Cats and booked an August date with the owner. And checked out the tattoo shop where Kitty's drummer got a purple star.

i can't believe how ti-red i am. i drove from taos new mexico to lawrence kansas today. 14 hours, 800 miles. i left at 6 am. i drove from tucson to taos yesterday,12 hours. taos is so beautiful i want to live there. my hosts' home was AMAZING. i arrived and saw her put her kids to bed and slept and woke before anyone and left. strange invisible visitor. i listened to a pow wow through the mountains as i went to sleep. i woke with the sun. and now i'm in kansas! in an amazing castle-like house. my hosts are so excited that i'm so in love that they want me to call my girlfriend on their phone in spite of long distance. but she is not home. my body is so sore from driving. i will eat a little, take a bath in their big claw-foot-tub (no shower in this castle) and sleeeeeeep. radio show tomorrow afternoon and late night gig - 11pm instead of 10pm!

People are allowed to smoke indoors outside of California! I am at The Music Cafe, a college town bar. The space is nice. The sound is nice. The young women here give me dirty looks and the young men here talk to me...?? I order a White Russian, breaking both my intent not to drink alcohol this tour and my pattern of drinking beer! All those drunk kids actually got quiet for a bit when I played! I only wish I hadn't left my cell phone in my host's apartment! eeeeek

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is HOT today! We are sitting around in varying degrees of nakedness, drenched. I am shown the sawdust toilet (you cover your "gift" with sawdust, no flushing, kinda like a litter box), the hay bale housing, the outdoor solar shower... The hay bale housing is the best place to be cuz it is so well-insulated that it remains cool. I eat, play in the pond, rinse pondscum off me, sleep, and get ready for my show. Two nice sets to a nice crowd of attentive listeners. They feed me well! Lots of fresh vegetables, black beans, salad, rice, sesame cake... Rutledge MO is RURAL. During my set I am getting eaten by various bugs. They sang so sweetly on Silver!

Abundance Ecovillage is very different from DR. And Fairfield Iowa is not so rural. This turned into the coolest venue yet! Some 60 people came because Lonnie, my host, did some great publicity and because people are really interested in the ecovillage. Abundance is brand new and entirely solar and wind powered. So this and DR are my first solar powered gigs! I sold and signed a LOT of cds and actually made some money! I also got a standing ovation. :) They were very enthusiastic and sang full-voiced for Silver!

to Madison...Early this morn (in Iowa) the thunder and lightning was so intense it woke me over and over. There was no delay between lightning and thunder. Now it is only raining. And after blueberry pancakes and picking a salad from their organic garden for my lunch (YUM), I will be on my way out again. to Madison for 2 shows. Madison is a nice college town. I arrive and find Brian, a very helpful collective member, who directs me to the library and lets me know what to expect. I wander, get pizza, get ice cream, go to the library to see about online access and get none. I wander back and decide I will be able to do some shopping tomorrow - I'm running out of clean clothes. I go back to the cafe and find I have internet access there. I order a mocha and Brian convinces me to get a tall one! It is yummy but now I am completely wired for writing and for playing. I set up my gear, change for my set. I put on crazy makeup and make my hairdo crazy on top of my head to match. It's an open mic that I'm headlining. I do two short sets and people are enthusiastic. I sell a cd and talk to people. Jeff Mann, my friend and engineer on give me a little... shows up! We talk and talk and I feel like I'm being rude while other people play. I meet Matt, the collective member who booked me here, and he lets me know that I do in fact have a place to stay (yaaaay!). I break down my stuff and put it away for safe overnight keeping and get directions to my hosts' house. Jeff and I go out for dinner and eat burritos. We laugh that they are white people burritos - we miss San Francisco. We talk about music scenes all over the usa and he informs me that he will wander all night to learn about madison and go to my show tomorrow.

I have a lunch date/interview with Beth who found me on She is writing for a campus feminist publication. She takes me for the most amazing Thai food! After we finish the interview, Jeff wanders over. I am amazed. He explains that it was the Snoopy's in my car; he knew I must be around here. I have a Snoopy blanket in my car. He talks with us a bit and insures me that by hook or by crook he will be at my show this evening. He is thinking about moving to Madison from the ecovillage he is living on (Dreamtime). But he doesn't come to my gig. And neither does Beth. Some folks from the open mic do come. I am wearing my jolly green giant shorts (i guess it's actually called a "skort") that i've been way too shy to wear. They are SHORT and silly. People like them right away! People really enjoy my two sets. I eat a yummy yummy Cafe Assisi original organic sandwhich - artichoke and feta with lettuce and roasted red peppers on the yummiest bread. I break down my stuff, check email, load my car. While wandering around downtown Madison in my green part-kilt, part-cheerleader shorts, I am stared at and spoken to by several men... hmmm.... I guess I have ever-increasing spoken word parts for honey.moon. Chatting with Brian and my host, I stay up way too late for how much driving I need to do tomorrow. eeeeeeek

Driving sucks sometimes. Chicago traffic is crazy and there's an accident that means I'm driving for 9.5 hours instead of 6. I barely make it to my show on time and didn't even realize the time change. eeeeeeek. I haven't eaten, set up my gear, ask the sound guy to do a few songs so I get a chance to stop moving, order a carrot juice, write a set list, and play for about 5 people for an hour. The other performer on the bill backed out and she was responsible for the booking so there is some confusion about payment and I am just to ti-red. I get lost on the way back to Ann Arbor to my hosts' house. And I don't have a gig in Ann Arbor as planned... But xhedos cafe sounds great and has great ambience.

7/22/01 Today I get to rest (heaven) and do laundry (bliss). I am too hot sitting at this here computer! I have only three more stops before I'm in NYC for a bit to record. Toronto, Buffalo, Brooklyn. 6 gigs. Mostly I just can't wait to see my girlfriend. My hosts are gonna take me to the only queer restaurant in Ann Arbor tonight. I like their energy and their house.

I hate when I get to the venue and it isn't open yet... Toronto is great though, more like home to me than anywhere I've been this trip. It's nice staying with my girlfriend's friend... The Art Bar's space has a good vibe though. Time to make my set list...

I'm writing while on stage! HAH. We're doing a round robin, 3 of us taking turns singing a song... It's fun. It totally changes the dynamic. I keep tying to work with what the other 2 sing before me. I have the itch to write songs tonight, and i really hope i get time to in these next 2 days i have off! i've played 5 songs and i want 5 more, but i have no idea how long we'll play.....oh, i get 3 more... they let me go again last cuz i'm from so far away. when i play Comeback i feel so... powerful, so present, so myself. I like that.

Yesterday was so hot that all I wanted was to sleep. I did explore a little in the evening and then went to an Irish Pub with my host. We drank Creemore, and the night before I had a Nova Scotia beer, Keith's, before our show. Yesterday all I ate was croissants! I walked the boardwalk at sunset and wrote what will one day be a song, I think.

"Today was better, my friend." Toronto cooled off and I felt able to wander. I bought clothes I'm very excited about. If you knew me personally, you'd know that I don't usually find things I like, so when I do I am thrilled. It's fun having a more powerful than usual dollar. I also visited my favorite cosmetics store, MAC. (okay, the secret's OUT!) My new lipstick is called "Savory." Not everyone can wear orange!

Then I ate really good sushi and went to sing at an open mic. I played Through That Door on an old upright that Frank Sinatra played a number of times. It is also a piano that's been in music videos and such. It was out of tune. Then I did Give a cappella and handed flyers out to enthusiastic audience members. It was fun! And now I am ready for my 4 gigs in Buffalo!


Been up too long. woke to a little boy at the bedroom door; i'd been sleeping in his room since Toronto. his dad invited me to ride a GO-train with him and O to Toronto Island. i said yes against my more practical judgment because i wanted to and somehow knew it would all work out. and here i am barely hardly on time for my Buffalo gig. the booker wondered if i'd had trouble at the, just too much living. i get out of my car and neighborhood boys/men playing frisbee ask if they can ask me a question. i tell them i don't have time right now. they tell me just a quick question: what is love? i grin...quick, eh? i say, "devotion, respect..." he says, "what about monogamy?" i say, "not necessarily." he says, "that's my kind of woman," as i walk away.

Arrive at my new hosts' house. "who are you?" "kristi" "who are you?" "kristi" screaming through a torn screen door til she remembers i'm the new 4-day visitor, says "kristi martel!" and gives me a hug. smoke junk dog cat toilet full of shit i get ready fer my show fast and drive me and her to Roxy's.

Roxy's is a lesbian bar on Main St fun people wild responsive audience. Katie and Leah opened for me and then entered my set at its end. they improvised their way through Give, bound(!), honey.moon, and Give again - extended way beyond its usual 4 minutes. Excellent fun for everyone... Katie and i had amazing conversations the rest of the night. I drank white Russians and danced alone to Prince. home to my hosts' house. the cat desparately needs either to be fucked or fixed. she's loudly in heat, slithering, slinking around with her butt twitchy in the air. one host sorely wishes Petal wasn't growing up. The other hates Petal, wishes she'd shut up. Petal is definitely...entertaining.

Lea (one host) needs to sleep to get to work early. I call my girlfriend and we talk til Lea needs to wake, but she doesn't. She wakes 3 hours later. So i only sleep 3 hours. then rest for a few hours, bathe, dress, feeling calm, tired, slo-mo.

Kristin (other host) wakes and we go to a great place and have amazing bagel sandwhiches. I SO miss good bagels. *sigh* i'm in NY. :) Buffalo seems pretty cool: great music community, lots of indie establishments.

tonight is one last Borders gig. it goes typically well. i get some criticism for repetitive melodies from one audience member and some praise from another, in direct contrasting response. Borders takes $3-$4 for every CD i sell... and i sell fewer there than elsewhere...

overall i am pleased my voice holds out when i am so tired. and i am thankful as many people sit and listen for the whole show when they just came to shop.

i am starving so i go to the same bagelry. i ask where i might find internet access and go to the cafe they recommend. i contemplate going to Roxy's for more dancing but realize i'm way too tired. i miss the fun there and go home and sleep for about 11 hours (bliss).

next morn everybody goes to Amy's Place. I really love the community here. feels like i could just slide into these friends easily. i miss this. in NY i felt i had this and it's just a little different in cali.

Coffee Bean Cafe feeds me well and the show is fun. So much jamming with brand new friends. we do a long version of Jane Says and the sax player does cool things to match my vocal. I fuck up the chords on When Doves Cry but that was just the dress rehearsal for tonight.

I'm at Nietsche's. We just had GOOD PIZZA! YAY! I have the best colors on! RED tank, cranberry velvet shirt, orange shorts, orange and red sneakers, bright yellow bag. I crack myself up. Lea and I are playing tonight. We're waiting for Tim to arrive so we can set up. I've made a strange set list based on requests and I'm going to give them a photo for their wall after I play. Maybe they'll put it next to Ani's.(shy grin).

Anyhoo, waiting is no fun. I had too much coffee today. I hung out with a sweet butch girl who told me about her new love while I wrote my love email. She painted a star on my leg.

I am driving to Brooklyn tomorrow. Rehearse the band Tuesday. Play Wednesday. Rehearse Thursday and Friday. Gather my love at the airport Saturday. I am counting the days. Rehearse Sunday. Record Monday through Thursday - long days in the studio.

WOW - what a great night! I was loose - my throat was free. Sometimes it seems lack of sleep helps my vocal flexibility (!?) I especially loved playing Aged and Honor. And then Tim did an excellent lead electric guitar improv on Carry It On, completely spontaneously. It's a standard blues progression and that is his thing so it was perfect and just wonderful. I don't even usually play that one! Then I got very into playing Fly. Everyone in the bar got completely silent, which really surprised me. Their silent attention inspired me to go all out on the long notes. I got so into the raw anger of Hooker that I decided I had to do bound. hadn't planned to do that one. But I got a standing ovation for it.

Give was a little weird tonight cuz the folks who joined in on percussion were a little blurry about the beat. :)

Lea Prentiss and Leah (I'm forgetting her last name!) did great! Lea is about words. Leah is about guitar. Her playing is AMAZING. She invited me to play piano on one of her songs. She told me all the chords and it was way too many to remember at that moment in my tiredness, so I just listened to play. She joined me on Tim's electric for Lauryn Hill's Everything is Everything. It was SO fun. Then Lea, Tim and I sang When Doves Cry. Then Tim and I did a tempo rubato version of Jane Says. People loved it. Lea taped this rare and most excellent show. :)

The bouncer was very serious about his job and wouldn't guess my age when I asked him to when he carded me before the gig. But after the show he praised my work. He was reminded of Biff Rose (I hope I'm remembering the name right) who I've never heard of. I asked if I could give them a photo to put up and he asked if I'd autograph it. :) And Tim said I moved him more than any other performer he's ever seen; and he's seen lots. I feel blessed.

So now it's very late. I am very tired. I'm hungry. My back is sore (but not my voice :)), My gear is in the car. I'm bathed and nearly ready for sleep. I am waiting for Lea to get off the phone and do a tarot reading for me. She needs me to wake her early in the morn. And then I will leave these wonderful new friends for Brooklyn. I love NY.

I can't believe it's August already! I am happy to be in Brooklyn. The Living Lounge is excellent colors and lighting. It's a bed and breakfast. The innkeeper, Greg, lets me in, helps me with my gear, assures me I'm parked safely, directs me to good pizza, and chats with me while we eat. He's a photographer working on a project documenting Colombians living in Queens, the largest Colombian population outside of Colombia. He's lived in NYC for 10 years...

Judy, a woman I've only known online through Indiegrrl, shows up and recognizes me and introduces herself. She's moving to North Carolina after living in NYC for 23 years! She's wanting to plan a piano indiegrrl fest of sorts. Excellent! Count me in! Eventually the booker arrives. She's performing tonight and tells a horrible story of all her gear in a taxi with a drunk cab driver. She dosen't remember that I'm performing tonight. eeeeek. But she doesn't mind, adjusts our sets to include me. Phew!

So I set my stuff aside to set up later. And make my little set list. I'm 3rd of 5 of us. My producer, Denise Barbarita, is 4th. I'm excited to finally meet her in person!

I have a great response when I play. I have a short set. Denise wants to hear See You Sweet but I do Hooker instead cuz she's never heard it. I love her songs and performance and she loves mine. It's gonna be a fun week! The drummer and I talk about our ideas for my cd too. They all seem really great. We're all excited to start rehearsing and recording!

On my way home I drive through my old neighborhood. I miss Brooklyn. I'm hungry. I'm tired. And I'm sad I will sleep on the floor tonight at my friend's house. Floors just aren't that comfortable for sleeping...

I'm in JFK airport waiting for my love to arrive... This week has been amazing. My producer, Denise, is excellent and she's gathered a most fabulous band for my cd. Rehearsals have been fun, even magical. Everything just feels right. Tomorrow we rehearse everything and set up the studio for Monday. Long days playing piano will tire me, but I'm mostly excited! So far every arrangement is surpassing my expectations - effortlessly!

Ooooooooooo waiting is hard...and i'm hungry!

9/15/01 Once Littlebird was with me in NYC i had no way of uploading tour diary entries...AND i had very little free time to write! SO now i sit here, reflecting on the last leg of the tour, three weeks later. Let's see if I can decipher the whirlwind I generated...

Kampo is a gorgeous studio! I am so lucky to have gotten to work there. All because Denise and I clicked so well over email! And because she worked so hard to make it all work for me and my no-budget production! The Steinway at Kampo is beautiful too!

We recorded Brave Enough in 2 days, and Denise mixed it in 2 days! We worked SO hard and it sounds SO amazing! 16-hour days are tough on the body and mind. But the spirit of the work is beautiful! The first day, we recorded Promise, then Hands. Then Rich and I played Even Free live. So beautiful. We laid down the basics: piano, drums, and bass - live for 6 more songs that day. Moments were stressful. My shoulder injury got painful. My fingers went numb while I tried to play See You Sweet after having played for about 12 hours that day already. Jason played so well and crazy on Give that he bled!

We didn't sleep enough. But I was to sing all the vocals that day. I made throat coat tea. I tried to get my energy up. I bargained a take for a cappaccino and then I sang fine! I just kept laying down vocals, almost nonstop and without listening to each take. And I got the crew to dance for me when I needed a little extra energy. It was fun and exhausting. Littlebird sang on two songs. Frank sang on one. We did a few overdubs, guitar parts and Rhodes parts. We ordered the most amazing sushi to be delivered to the studio. We got home at oh maybe 4am.

Denise made a neon pink poster charting our progress. We wrote down quotes of the day. The quote of the day on 8/6/01 was me saying, "The tune ends when the words stop," about Honor. And later that day Denise asked Jason, "Are your hands tired?" And Jason answered, "No, my head is." The quote of day #2 was me saying, "Dance for me!" right before singing Give. On the third day, there were various mix problems and Denise was stressed. But we got an extra day in the studio so we all took part in the Kampo party that evening in spite of our limited time. Denise mixed 4 songs that day and 5 the next. Littlebird and I figured out the perfect song order while we waited to hear brand new mixes. By the end of the fourth day Denise could barely hear. eeeeeeeeek.

BUT the resulting CD is just stunning. I can't wait until you all can hear it!

Then, Littlebird and I left for an Ithaca gig at Juna's Cafe. It was fun. We then went to Woodstock NY, near where I went to college and stayed up way too late looking for a vacancy at a hotel. oiye. Next day we drove to NH to visit my dad and family. And then we spent a few days in RI visiting friends and family. We then drove to Virginia to visit Littlebird's family. We were so so so overfed in Virginia! Very yummy. We played three long sets at Charleys. We mixed up all our songs and some covers, so it was a different kind of gig than the rest of my tour.

Then we had to get to Tucson in three days! eeeeeeek. We drove to Birmingaham to stay with a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend who was most welcoming! Then we were off again! To spend days driving through Texas! There are more bugs to hit your windshield in the south than in the north. And we didn't feel quite as safe in Texas as we did in New England and Virginia. But, we stopped at a most amazing place called the Czech Stop in West, Texas. We had no idea that there was such a huge Czech population in Texas! At the Czech Stop, many many traveling musicians leave signed photos to put up on the walls. So I left mine there. You'll have to visit West, Texas to see it. We stayed in Austin and then drove to Tucson the next day, for our 7 Black Cats gig. Getting to see my Tucson friends twice in one summer was excellent! Then Littlebird and I drove to LA and then back home to Oakland for mastering her soon-to-be-released CD and some East Bay Pride gigs here in Oakland.

Now I'm finishing up Brave Enough. It's mastered. The photos are ready. The graphic designer is creating the cover art. And then it's off to Oasis to be duplicated so that each of you can own your very own copy! I'm planning the CD release concerts in November and December. Yipppeeeeee!

I am so thankful for everybody who helped with the tour and the cd!

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